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DBAs Take Sixth Place

By Steve Jones,

Sixth Place (6th) Award Sticker

As we get read to close out another year, it's a time to review what's happened in the current year, and a chance to look forward to the new year. Most of the people reading this newsletter are data professionals working with SQL Server, and I have good news for you. We've had a few hard years economically around the world, with lots of companies holding off spending, freezing staffing levels, or even laying people off. However for data processionals, the outlook is good.

Based on data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, US News came up with 100 jobs that have the greatest hiring demand. Database Administrator came in sixth, and software developer came in seventh. A number of other technology jobs, including IT Manager were in the top 100, which is good news. It shows that many companies need good employees working with technology, and are paying well for them.

As with any set of statistics, this is a an overview of the situation in the US. There are bad employers, bad managers, and plenty of bad jobs. However there are also good jobs, and if you can demonstrate competence and a can-do attitude, I'm sure you can find a great job next year.

I preach the importance of working on your career, and regularly improving your skills. Consider choosing a project in 2013, and dedicating some time every week to gaining knowledge and completing a project that helps you at work or home. Demonstrating some real skills and motivation might be the thing that sets you apart from every other person applying for the job you want.

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