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What’s In Your (Junk) Drawers?

By Andy Warren,

Today we have a guest editorial from Andy Warren.

Is there a home out there that doesn’t have a junk drawer? We’ve got one in the kitchen and a reason cursory inventory included:

  • Batteries of all types. No idea if good or not.
  • Dog collar
  • Assorted pens, pencils, crayons
  • Chargers for some long forgotten phones
  • Directions on the rice steamer (why do I need directions?)
  • A key to a lock somewhere

Some of it may prove to be useful. Some of it was a collection of one, it didn’t fit in with canned goods or books or pots or whatever, so in the drawer it went. Sometimes it gets full to the point it won’t close, then I go through and throw some things out until the drawer closes. Once or twice I’ve made an all-out assault to clean it up, but really, why?  Aren’t we all destined to have so much uncategorized stuff and as long as we limit it to one drawer, does it matter?

I have one at work too. Flashlight, screw driver, a couple jazz cd’s, extra badge holder (why?), assorted loose change, various half used stacks of sticky notes, various things from trade shows. I hardly ever use any of it, but I might some day!

I was thinking about this because I’m using one of those offices at work that is for those who come and go, so looking in the desk is a bit like archaeology. Business cards, various junk, none of which seems useful to me or anyone else, but it does seem mildly interesting. Before you go back to work, open up your junk drawer – what would it tell the next person about you, anything interesting?

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