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The Best Computer

By Steve Jones,

In my life I've owned many computers, starting with a Vic 20 and moving through a Commodore 64, an Apple II, various PCs, a few Macintoshes, even a Sparcstation at one point. I've had the chance to work on many more, an Atari, a few Suns, large IBM mainframes, RS/6000s, AS/400s, etc. Each of them was unique and exciting with their own positives and negatives. The same could be said for the various Operating Systems that have run on the hardware.

Over the years we've also seen the types and capabilities of computers evolve in movies. From the large mainframe in Wargames to HAL 9000 in 2001: A Space Odyssey to the new displays in Minority Report. From Data in The Next Generation to R2D2 in Star Wars, computers take many shapes and sizes, and each has its legion of fans.

For this Friday, as a break to get away from the more serious side of databases and work, I decided to see what computers excite you. The poll is:

What's Your Favorite Movie Computer?

It could be a standalone computer, a robot, or any type of mechanical computer that you've seen in a film. I'm wondering what computer struck you as "cool."

While I have quite a few that I've enjoyed, I think a semi-futuristic one is my current favorite. I took my won to see Iron Man earlier this year and then we bought the DVD recently, so I had the chance to watch it again and be amazed by the capabilities of the computer Tony Stark uses to design v3 of his suit. That cool pointer/pen that can move the image from the screen to the holographic, 3D display, the innovate keyboard, now that was cool. I'm not sure what I'd use it for, but I want one.

Take a moment and let us know what your favorite movie computer is.

Steve Jones

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