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Independence Day

By Steve Jones,

Today is the birthday for my country. I know many of you are in other places around the world and this isn't a holiday for you, but it's a big holiday here at SQLServerCentral, with most of you in the US. Surprisingly, it's kind of a day off for Red Gate as well, with most of their employees enjoying a day out of the office for team building and enjoying each other.

Personally it's a quiet day for me. We'll run up the flag and one kid will play with the neighbors and the other is interesting in settling down for a Will Smith Wednesday, watching Independence Day and Men in Black. Should be a good time for us with minimal work for me.

This day commemorates the United States declaring their independence from Great Britain (hence the name) with the adoption of our Declaration of Independence. As faulty as the individuals were that drafted this document and despite the missteps my homeland has made in the world, this document we celebrate is an amazing piece of work.

I'm someone who believes in personal freedoms and our rights to live our lives as we choose, with minimal interference from others in terms of rules, but with respect for others' rights and the impact of your actions, choices, and decisions on others. I love a free society where expression is tolerated and valued.

This country isn't perfect, our leaders and citizens aren't, and we probably never will be. While I don't agree with all our decisions and actions, I do agree with the unalienable rights called out in this document.

And I hope everyone in the world gets to live with with life, liberty and the ability to pursue their own happiness.

Happy Independence Day!

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