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Laptop Dreams

By Steve Jones,

The Surface 3 was announced last week, and I was underwhelmed by the event, especially the presentation itself. The entire spectable didn't seem to compare to some other companies' announcements. I did, however, find myself thinking about replacing my laptop with a tablet that's lighter and allows me to forgo a keyboard. As much as I use a keyboard and depend on a responsive set of keys to get work done, there are definitely times when I'd like to just have a screen, and certainly a lighter form factor.

Today is Memorial Day in the US, and I'll be outside in a variety of situations today. Every year my son recognizes and remembers our soldiers at a Memorial Day ceremony with his fellow Boy Scouts. I like to capture some photos and video of the occasion, as well as track which Scouts are supposed to be there and have actually shown up. I can do it on a phone, but a laptop is too cumbersome. A tablet is actually the best option. It seems funny to use a larger device, but being able to capture and playback video on a tablet for others is much nicer than using a small phone.

I'll also be cooking outside in the afternoon, and while my memory is pretty good, I'd like to be able to pull up a recipe on a screen I can easily see with my aging eyes. My iPad works well for this, but for many tasks that require the creation of content, it's not always a good choice, and the upgrade to the Surface is tempting.

Then there's work. I've been struggling with finding a powerful laptop to run the suite of products that I present on, especially when I have some of the server systems running. The best solution for a small, powerful device, might be this Gigabyte BRIX for me, but I'd still need some keyboard and display to access it. While an iPad w/ keyboard can work, I'm wondering if a Surface might be better. I'd love to not only be able to access the device, but do so while I'm walking around. If I can get that to work, maybe I'll have found the perfect device for me.

Have a great Memorial Day.

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