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The SQLCLR Impact

By Steve Jones,

While I'm sure there are a few of you still using SQL Server 2000 instances, I think at this point that most companies have moved to SQL Server 2005 and later. Even if you still manage a pre-2005 instance, chances are you have a few 2005, 2008, or 2012 instances as well.

It's been a little over 8 years since the CLR subsystem was added in SQL Server 2005. At the time this was announced, we had any number of DBAs worrying about the impact. Before SQL Server 2005 was released there were lots of concerns that developers would embed most of their database logic in SQLCLR procedures and cause lots of performance issues. That doesn't seem to have been the case, but this week I wanted to ask you about your experience.

Have you had to review and implement custom SQLCLR assemblies on your instances?

I'm looking for an idea here of the impact of the SQLCLR in your environment. Do you have standard assemblies on multiple instances or have you dealt with an ad hoc object here and there? Do you think SQLCLR is a normal part of your applications or a one-off that's rarely used? Do you go through the code and understand how the logic is implemented? Do you ensure error handling is implemented? Perhaps you've not dealt with it at all?

I haven't seen much of a call for SQLCLR objects from the various developers that have worked on the SQLServerCentral site. Most of them seem content to use their traditional tools: they use .Net code in the front end or T-SQL code in the database.

Let us know this week. Has the SQLCLR been a regular part of your SQL Server environment.

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