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Breaking Down Barriers

By Steve Jones,

Developers are a pain. They have no idea how to properly write queries and test them against a database. They constantly deploy poorly written code.

DBAs are control freaks that impede progress. The DBAs never let anyone get code written in a timely manner and slow down development.

Both of these are similar stereotypes that exist in the world. I realized that a short while back when I had the chance to talk with Scott Hanselman at an event. He noted that developers are as antagonistic towards DBAs as the reverse is true. We both realized that this is a problem, and that those of us that write and speak perpetuate these views of the world.

I know that we should work better together, and despite making jokes about bad developers, I really don't dislike developers. This week, I wanted to get some ideas and thoughts from the rest of you about how we can change things.

How do we get DBAs, Developers, as well as sysadmins and Sharepoint administrators, to work closer together?

That's the poll this week, and I'm looking for specific things you've tried or have found to work that break down barriers. We are all working in technology, and we can all do a better job of trying to ensure that we, as an industry, prove that we are extremely valuable to our employers.

I'm also calling on DBAs to be the bigger people here and make an effort to work in a positive way with developers. If you find development practices problematic, then explain why in a calm, respectful manner. If you find deployments to be destabilizing, practice them more often. Try to work with developers, not against them.

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