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Running a DTS Package from Query Analyzer

By Jon Winer,

Can you run a DTS Package in Query Analyzer?...You sure can!

The approach to running a DTS Package in Query Analyzer is not intuitive, but it is elegant. Query Analyzer uses T-SQL and DTS uses COM, so at first glance you would not think it was possible.

I actually have had a need to accomplish this and I have read several postings in discussion groups inquiring about this same dilemma.

Here are the steps...

1)     Create your DTS Package
  • A DTS package can be made in several ways. From within Enterprise Manager, click on Data Transformation Services, Local Packages, then New Package. Another option would be to right click on a table, click on All Tasks, then either Import or Export Data. When asked, save as a DTS package.
2)     Schedule the DTS Package.
  • This can be done either during the creation of the package or after it is complete.
3)     Edit the newly created job and delete the schedule.
  • Drill down from Management to Jobs and find the job that now appears. Right click on the job and click on Properties. Click on the Schedule tab and delete the schedule.
4)     Now you have an unscheduled job that is ready to be run from within Query Analyzer.

5)     Execute the stored procedure sp_start_job, passing in either the GUID of the job or the job's name from Query Analyzer.


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