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Using Mod to Generate Work Shifts

A short story on using the mod function to a shifting query.  Read more...
By Joe McGovern 2016/12/22 | Source: SQLServerCentral.com | Category: mod
Rating: |  Discuss |   Briefcase | 1,395 reads

Performance Surprises and Assumptions : DATEADD()

Aaron Bertrand explores yet another scenario where a date/time function seems to cause the optimizer to behave unexpectedly.  Read more...
By Additional Articles 2016/05/12 | Source: SQLPerformance.com | Category: dateadd
Rating: (not yet rated)  Rate this |   Briefcase | 4,791 reads

Add and Subtract Dates using DATEADD in SQL Server

Date manipulation is a common scenario when retrieving or storing data in a SQL Server database. There are several functions that are available and in this tip we look at how to use the DATEADD function.  Read more...
By Additional Articles 2011/10/14 | Source: MSSQLTips.com | Category: dateadd
Rating:  Rate this |   Briefcase | 3,932 reads

Date Manipulation with DATEADD/DATEDIFF

Learn how to use Dateadd/Datediff functions to manipulate dates in this short article from Seth Phelabaum.  Read more...
By Seth Phelabaum 2010/04/07 | Source: SQLServerCentral.com | Category: date manipulation
Rating: |  Discuss |   Briefcase | 17,648 reads
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