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New Cartoons at SQLServerCentral

By Steve Jones,

We strive to educate you at SQLServerCentral and help you learn to work more efficiently and effectively with SQL Server every day. We publish new information every week with the intention of furthering your career and helping you build better applications on the SQL Server platform. However we also like to have fun, with bloopers, humorous Questions, and more that aim to bring a little lightness and fun to our careers.

With that in mind, we have a new cartoon coming to SQLServerCentral this week. We've been looking for an artist for awhile and finally settled on one last year, with cartoons starting to arrive at our office. I'll leave the name a secret for now, but look for a little fun in your mailbox this Wedneday, February 5, 2014.

A few years ago we had a series called Raw Materials that was a humorous look at technology and was very popular. Ever since that time we've been looking for cartoonists to work with and it's been a struggle.  We finally found Bob Lang, and we are excited to showcase his work this spring.

Editorial Change

In the past the cartoons were released as an article, just like much of our other content. We have found that this meant a number of people never saw the cartoons, despite the many that did enjoy them.

As a result, we are trying an experiment across the next few months. Instead of an editorial piece from me on Wednesday, we'll release the cartoon in this space in the newsletter. We hope you enjoy them and pass them along to friends.

However, we would like your feedback on this as we move forward. If you find out that you prefer the editorial thoughts, please let us know.

Call for Fun Content

We are excited to work on this new cartoon, but we're open to doing more. If you are a cartoonist, or know of one, please consider submitting a few samples (2-3) of something you'd like to publish. We are looking for new material, either the addition to a series you've done in the past, or a new cartoon.

We are also considering adding puzzles or challenges to the site in addition to the Question of the Day. If you like to develop logic problems or crosswords, or some other type of puzzle and would like to publish something that's technology related, contact us.

Send your samples and submissions to the webmaster (at sqlservercentral). For both of these items, you would retain copyright and be able to republish or syndicate this material elsewhere after we've had a chance to publish it.

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