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Professional SQL Server Programming

By Steve Jones,

Professional SQL Server Programming

by Robert Vieira

4 Stars -

One of the better SQL Server v7.0 reference books that I have read. More specific to SQL Server 7 than the Guru's guide above with an easy to read style. I flip through both of these books, each one providing a little different slant on problems or issues I am looking up. This is more of a beginning to intermediate level programming book.

I picked this up as a reference for cursor information one day (My 2000 BOL is a little lite on the subject.) I found it to be a better introduction than most books to SQL 7 programming. Not quite the advanced item I was looking for, but pretty good at explaining concepts and a decent reference for me. A good substitute for when I tire of Books Online.

I was looking for information on indexes and structures and this book had a much better writeup than anything else in the office at the time. It was helpful and explained pretty well how SQL Server uses indexes and a good start to how you can analyze your indexes.

I have worked my way through just about the entire book and the remaining sections are pretty basic so I probably will not read them. I think this is a great reference for SQL 7 DBAs/developers and highly recommend it. Along with the Guru's Guide (currently reading) this is worth your $$ as an investment.

Steve Jones
© May 2001

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