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Review: Professional SQL Server 2000 XML

By Jon Winer,

This is an excellent book. It is a collaborative work consisting of roughly 12 authors. This collaborative approach to writing presents the subject matter in a well-rounded and unbiased manner. As the introduction states, this book is for 'developers with experience in SQL 2000', but I think anyone with SQL development experience will find this book highly resourceful. This book goes right to the 'meat' of the matter, spending little time rehashing database fundamentals, which I like. Too many books cover the same material with only a chapter or two of unique and new information.

'Professional SQL Server 2000 XML' deals with the new integration of XML into SQL Server. There are many new features available, so many in fact, that it can be a bit overwhelming. Here are just a few of the new XML features in SQL 2000 that this book covers:

  • Updategram
  • XML Bulkload

I thought the best way to review this book would be to find an application for the use of these new XML features. Then, benchmark the resourcefulness of the information presented against how well it dealt with answering any questions I might have. To sum it up...'Professional SQL Server 2000 XML' leaves no stone unturned. This book does a thorough and complete job of explaining and presenting the subject matter. Chapters are riddled with code examples to make the venture into SQL XML virtually painless.

Some of the new features I found particularly exciting were FOR XML, OPENXML and Updategrams. These tools allow the utmost flexibility in dealing with the need to transfer and modify data. Updategrams specifically allow the modification of data without any knowledge of ADO or SQL. This can offer a great alternative to traditional programming techniques for data access.

On a scale of 1 to 10, I would rate this book a 9...No one is perfect. The only aspects of this book that I viewed as needing improvement were several of the case studies. They did not offer as much insightful information as I would have hoped. Overall, this is a terrific book, a great look into the world of XML and SQL.

*SQLServerCentral.com will be giving away a copy of this book, provided by Wrox, to one of our August readers.


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