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By Press Release,


Katie, along with support from Red Gate Software and End to End Training, is offering a raffle to support Katie and her family. You can read about Katie's Story, but the bottom line is we have a fellow coder in Katie's father and human being that needs some help.

So we've gotten some prizes donated and we're offering raffle tickets for $10 over the next month with a chance to win one of the prizes below:

I'm not going to tug on your heartstrings and make you feel guilty. Take a moment to think about what $10 or $20 means to you, what you spend money on every week and make your own decision if you'd like to help Katie and her family.

We'll run the raffle from now until Aug 10th and I'll hold the drawing with Katie's father, Rex Winn, after that and post the winners.

Buy a Ticket

Steve Jones

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Katie's Raffle

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