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Nested Schemas

By Steve Jones 2015/11/18 | Category: t-sql
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Schema-Owned Tables and Generated DROP Scripts (SQL Spackle)

Not all SQL-generated scripts are created equal (or correctly) for alternative schema-owned objects.  Read more...
By Brandie Tarvin 2013/08/01 | Source: | Category: generate scripts
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Which Statement will execute sucessfully

By malls reddy 2012/12/07 | Category: schemas
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Copy One Schema to Another Schema

This script copies one object in another multiple schema.  Read more...
By Vinay Kumar 2011/08/31 | Source: | Category: t-sql
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default schema trouble

By Nils Gustav Stråbø 2010/07/28 | Category: t-sql
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Using the OBJECT_SCHEMA_NAME function to return the schema name

I tend to do a great deal of meta-data (or is it metadata) mining from the system compatibility views and system catalog views in order to build dynamic ad-hoc T/SQL code to use for various administrative processes.   Read more...
By Additional Articles 2009/06/22 | Source: | Category: schemas
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Using schema binding to improve SQL Server UDF performance

SCHEMA BINDING is commonly used with SQL Server objects like views and User Defined Functions (UDF). The main benefit of SCHEMA BINDING is to avoid any accidental drop or change of an object that is referenced by other objects. A User Defined Function (UDF) may or may not access any underlying database objects, but in this tip we show how using SCHEMA BINDING with a UDF can improve performance even if there are no underlying objects.  Read more...
By Additional Articles 2009/03/09 | Source: | Category: schemas
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