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Stress Testing SQL Server

Properly sizing your SQL Server hardware and testing application loads against them is a complex and difficult topic. Anthony Bressi brings us a great new article that gives you a systematic approach to performing your own stress test.   Read more...
By Anthony Bressi 2006/10/10 | Source: | Category: miscellaneous
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Custom Log Shipping

One of our favorite authors is back with a great how-to on log shipping. This isn't the baked in log shipping, this is a code your own solution that gives you a starting point for your situation. Even if you don't need it now, it's worth looking at to gain a better understanding of how shipping works.   Read more...
By Chris Kempster 2003/11/26 | Source: | Category: administration
Rating: |  Discuss |   Briefcase | 24,577 reads

Should you buy a SAN?

Andy recently implemented a SAN and shares some of the info he picked up during the purchase and implementation. This article also discusses briefly the differences between SAN and NAS, and has some links to other sites for more info as well.   Read more...
By Andy Warren 2003/03/28 | Source: | Category: miscellaneous
Rating: |  Discuss |   Briefcase | 8,005 reads

Who Needs Change Management?

You have spent thousands of dollars on that cool technology; clustering, redundant controllers, redundant disks, redundant power supplies, redundant NIC cards, multiple network drops, fancy tape backup devices and the latest and greatest tape technology. You are all set. There is no way your going to have downtime. Right?   Read more...
By Greg Robidoux 2003/01/16 | Source: | Category: miscellaneous
Rating: |  Discuss |   Briefcase | 4,873 reads

Another Disaster (Almost)

Andy had a semi-disaster similar to the one he wrote about last year. Interesting to see the kinds of problems that happen to other people. This article raises some interesting points that are outside the scope of basic disaster recovery, looking at how/when to move databases to a different server and how to reduce the server load dynamically.   Read more...
By Andy Warren 2003/01/14 | Source: | Category: administration
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