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Inside SQL Server Development

After the announcement last week by Microsoft that there would be no Beta 3 for SQL Server 2005 and that the CTP process would take over, Steve Jones had the opportunity to interview Thomas Rizzo and Allan Ros from the SQL Server development team about the CTP process and testing the SQL Server builds.   Read more...
By Steve Jones 2005/04/26 | Source: | Category: news
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Learning SQL Server 2005

Everyone wants to get ahead of the curve with SQL Server 2005, but many people don't have the time or desire to dig through a Google search. Steve Jones has gotten quite a few requests for resources, so here is a compiled list of some places that might help you get started.   Read more...
By Steve Jones 2006/09/08 (first published: 2005/04/21) | Source: | Category: news
Rating: |  Discuss |   Briefcase | 44,924 reads

The April CTP is Here and No Beta 3

SQL Server 2005 is on everyone's mind, especially with SQL Server 2000 almost 5 years old. On Monday, April 18, Microsoft made an announcement that the April CTP was available, but there would be no Beta 3. Read Steve Jones take on this announcement as well as a few more details.   Read more...
By Steve Jones 2005/04/19 | Source: | Category: news
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SQL Server 2005 Editions and Integration Services

The SQL Server 2005 product family has now been announced, so with four editions available, what does this mean for SQL Server Integration Services? Starting from the bottom we have the free edition known as Express, and the entry level Workgroup edition, and neither include the full IS product. They have the Import/Export capabilities, but nothing more, so for simple loading and extraction of data this should suffice, but you will not be able to build packages.  Read more...
By Additional Articles 2005/04/07 | Source: | Category: news
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Help Improve Yukon Setup

SQL Server 2005 is coming soon and the setup team is looking for some feedback on their process. If you can spare a few minutes for a survey, they would greatly appreciate the time. And you will be helping others avoid the problems in the Betas.   Read more...
By Press Release 2005/03/18 | Source: | Category: news
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Comparison of SQL Server 2005 Editions

On February 24th, 2005, Microsoft announced the new editions and pricing of SQL Server 2005. There have been quite a few changes and MVP Brian Knight has put down a comparison as well as details about which features are included with each. Read about the 4 new additions and see which one might be right for your next project.   Read more...
By Brian Knight 2006/09/01 (first published: 2005/02/28) | Source: | Category: news
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SQL Server 2005 Beta 2 Is Out!!!

The highly anticipated Beta 2 of SQL Server 2005 aka Yukon, was released today (Monday, July 26).   Read more...
By Steve Jones 2004/07/26 | Source: | Category: news
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SQL Server 2005 Feature Survey Results

A week ago, we solicited readers to let Microsoft know which of the SQL Server 2005 announced features mattered most to them. We had a great response, with 890 of you answering the survey in three days. The answers were pretty interesting. The full results can be seen at the bottom of this article.   Read more...
By Brian Knight 2004/03/22 | Source: | Category: news
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Yukon Delayed Again and Named

Microsoft confirmed today that it has delayed Yukon yet again. It also announced that Yukon has an official name and will have another beta added to the development cycle. Get all the info here and share with Microsoft your thoughts about what features are important to you.   Read more...
By Brian Knight 2004/03/11 | Source: | Category: news
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