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2008 Index Rebuild using DMV

Index Maintenance procedure with HTML Reporting capabilities. Please refer to attached script for detailed information.  Read more...
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Will the FILLFACTOR Index option help to boost my database performance?  Read more...
By Brian Ellul 2010/12/16 | Source: | Category: fill factor
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SQL Server 2008 Spatial Index Performance

The institution I work with has decided to migrate their database system to SQL Server 2008. One of the applications uses geospatial data, which consists of millions of rows. I understand that their are indexes that can be used for geospatial data, but have not worked with them. What's the scoop on them?   Read more...
By Additional Articles 2010/04/08 | Source: | Category: spatial data
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Partitioned Table and Index Strategies Using SQL Server 2008

The Microsoft SQL Server 2008 database software provides table partitioning to make such operations more manageable.  Read more...
By Additional Articles 2009/07/10 | Source: TechNet Blogs | Category: partitioned tables
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Maximum No. of Indexes

By Sriram Yaddanapudi 2009/03/20 | Category: indexing
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Analyze and Fix Index Fragmentation in SQL Server 2008

This article describes how an index gets fragmented and the steps which a DBA can take to fix index fragmentation  Read more...
By Additional Articles 2008/12/11 | Source: SQL Server Performance | Category: fragmentation
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Index Seeks

By Site Owners 2008/02/21 | Category: sql server 2008
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Featured Blog: SQL Server 2008: Partition-level lock escalation details and examples

Paul Randal of SQLskills takes a look at lock escalation in SQL Server 2008  Read more...
By Additional Articles 2008/01/30 | Source: SQLskills | Category: sql server 2008
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