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Reporting Services Disaster Recovery

Dave Lumley presents a Reporting services disaster recovery solution for SQL Server Standard Edition, using 2 servers. Worth the read if you don't run Enterprise.  Read more...
By Dave Lumley 2013/10/17 (first published: 2010/04/21) | Source: | Category: reporting services (ssrs)
Rating: |  Discuss |   Briefcase | 14,931 reads

Disaster Recovery Week

This week we highlight the practice of being prepared for disasters at SQLServerCentral.  Read more...
By Steve Jones 2012/12/14 (first published: 2012/12/10) | Source: | Category: disaster recovery (dr)
Rating: |  Discuss |   Briefcase | 5,517 reads

What’s in YOUR Recovery Plan?

Author Craig Outcalt gives advice on preparing for the worst with a look at what you should consider putting in your disaster recovery plan and why.  Read more...
By Craig Outcalt 2012/12/10 (first published: 2011/09/26) | Source: | Category: backup / recovery
Rating: |  Discuss |   Briefcase | 5,100 reads

Disaster Recovery Planning for Data: The Cribsheet

Planning for disaster recovery and business continuity aren't amongst the most exciting IT activities. They are, however, essential and relevant to any Database Administrator who is responsible for the safety and integrity of the companies' data, since data is a key part of business continuity.  Read more...
By Additional Articles 2012/12/10 | Source: SimpleTalk | Category: disaster recovery (dr)
Rating:  Rate this |   Briefcase | 2,250 reads

Make a Backup First

The hack on a Gizmodo writer using Amazon and Apple customer service security holes was shocking. Steve Jones notes that while security is important, backups are even more important.  Read more...
By Steve Jones 2012/08/22 | Source: | Category: editorial
Rating: (not yet rated) |  Discuss |   Briefcase | 160 reads

13 Disasters

This editorial that was originally published on Aug 15, 2007. It is being rerun as Steve is traveling. This editorial looks at the issues that happen in production and how you should perhaps plan for disasters.  Read more...
By Steve Jones 2012/06/11 | Source: | Category: editorial
Rating: (not yet rated) |  Discuss |   Briefcase | 247 reads

The Trouble with Transactional Replication and large articles.

This article will show you one way to quickly restore SQL Server replication with huge tables.  Read more...
By Edward Polley 2012/05/18 | Source: | Category: replication
Rating: |  Discuss |   Briefcase | 6,016 reads

The Colocated Dangers

An outage at SQLServerCentral reminded Steve Jones that it's not "if" a disaster will occur, but "when" it will occur that should have you preparing for a disaster at some point in the future.  Read more...
By Steve Jones 2012/05/08 | Source: | Category: editorial
Rating: (not yet rated) |  Discuss |   Briefcase | 107 reads

Automatic page repair with SQL Server Mirroring

Now and then my colleagues and I find our selves in the middle of a discussion about SQL Server Mirroring...  Read more...
By 2012/05/01 | Source: | Category: blogs
Rating: (not yet rated) |  Discuss |   Briefcase | 1,604 reads

Microsoft SQL Server AlwaysOn Solutions Guide for High Availability and Disaster Recovery

This white paper discusses how to reduce planned and unplanned downtime, maximize application availability, and provide data protection using SQL Server 2012 AlwaysOn high availability and disaster recovery solutions.  Read more...
By Additional Articles 2012/04/27 | Source: Microsoft MSDN | Category: high availability (ha)
Rating:  Rate this |   Briefcase | 3,143 reads

SQL Server 2012 AlwaysOn & A Thorough Setup

It’s surprisingly easy to set up the new AlwaysOn features. I’ve done it on VMs running on my laptop, from...  Read more...
By Grant Fritchey 2012/03/14 | Source: | Category: blogs
Rating: (not yet rated) |  Discuss |   Briefcase | 1,976 reads

Disaster Recovery: Rebuild system databases on SQL Server 2008 cluster

In this article we will see how to rebuild system databases in SQL Server 2008 cluster that is failed to restart.   Read more...
Rating: |  Discuss |   Briefcase | 4,920 reads

Disaster Recovery: How to regain your lost sysadmin access

This article shows you the process which you require to regain your sysadmin access.  Read more...
Rating: |  Discuss |   Briefcase | 7,862 reads

SQL Server Log Shipping Between Standalone\Workgroup Computers

This article describes the requirements to log ship databases between workgroup computers  Read more...
By Perry Whittle 2012/01/30 | Source: | Category: log shipping
Rating: |  Discuss |   Briefcase | 3,040 reads

Find the version of the Master DB from a backup

Try researching recovering the master database online and you will see countless references to having to have SQL at the...  Read more...
By 2012/01/25 | Source: | Category: blogs
Rating: (not yet rated) |  Discuss |   Briefcase | 1,474 reads

Helpful Advice?

This editorial was originally published on Feb 5, 2007 and is being re-run as Steve is on vacation. Is this the advice you'd give, or take, in a DR situation? Steve thinks it's not.  Read more...
By Steve Jones 2011/11/21 | Source: | Category: editorial
Rating: (not yet rated) |  Discuss |   Briefcase | 109 reads

Quick and Dirty DR Solution Using Robocopy

This article covers how to use robocopy with SQL Server Agent to copy database backup files to another server.  Read more...
By Scott Duncan 2011/11/07 | Source: | Category: disaster recovery (dr)
Rating: |  Discuss |   Briefcase | 4,861 reads

Database Mirroring Failover

By Steve Jones 2011/10/13 | Category: database mirroring
Rating: (not yet rated) |  Discuss |   Briefcase | 2,013 reads

The DR Test Schedule

Planning for disaster recovery entails a lot of different items, but testing is an important one. If you don't test your plans, you can't be sure they will work. This Friday Steve Jones asks how often your test.  Read more...
By Steve Jones 2011/10/07 | Source: | Category: editorial
Rating: (not yet rated) |  Discuss |   Briefcase | 105 reads

Automatic Alert Generation in the event of SQL Server Cluster Failover

We had a requirement where we were asked to generate automatic email notification in the event of a failover.   Read more...
By Yogeshwar Phull 2011/10/06 | Source: | Category: clustering
Rating: |  Discuss |   Briefcase | 3,581 reads
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