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Script to configure Log File Size for Large DBs

Use this script to set recommended Log files size growth for larger DBs. For more, please refer article:  Read more...
By Ajay Dwivedi 2015/12/15 | Source: | Category: database configuration
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Automatic restore database to different server from backup file

if you get bunch of back up files ( full backup and transaction log backup, you need restore those database to different server, you can use my stored procedure to genereate the restore command   Read more...
By David Zhou 2015/01/15 | Source: | Category: restore
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Multiple Backup Files

This Friday Steve Jones looks at your backup system and wonders how many people use striped backups.  Read more...
By Steve Jones 2015/01/09 | Source: | Category: editorial
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Display All Errors Fired in a Restore Procedure

Display all errors thrown within a catch block by a restore statement in a stored procedure using extended events  Read more...
By Brian Awe 2014/06/10 | Source: | Category: restore
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By free mascot 2014/06/06 | Category: restore
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By free mascot 2014/02/21 | Category: restore
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Script to find latest backups for all databases

If you are not the only one who takes care of the backups, knowing the backups taken recently is very crucial for a production DBA.  Read more...
By Roshan Joe Joseph 2009/07/01 | Source: | Category: backup and restore
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Generate CREATE DATABASE FOR ATTACH for all databases on server

I couldn't find a solid script for this so I put this together. It creates the database EXACTLY as it was with growth and proper file groups.  Read more...
By Wesley Brown 2008/12/18 | Source: | Category: backup and restore
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