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Calculate Table Size and row count

This script calculates table row count and size(MB), as well as the used space and free space.  Read more...
Rating: |  Discuss |   Briefcase | 1,476 reads

To check the full backup duration of an SQL Instance

This script will check the full backup time taken by all the databases of an SQL Server instance.  Read more...
By Shashikant Shakya 2014/01/13 | Source: | Category: backup
Rating: |  Discuss |   Briefcase | 1,137 reads

To check the Backup Status for an SQL Instance

This Script will fetch database backup information from msdb and give the idea about full, diffrential and log backup.  Read more...
By Shashikant Shakya 2014/01/10 | Source: | Category: backup report
Rating: |  Discuss |   Briefcase | 1,196 reads

List table space usage and row counts

One query to list space used and row counts of all tables  Read more...
By Louis Li 2014/01/17 | Source: | Category: row count
Rating: |  Discuss |   Briefcase | 1,411 reads

Get Database info

This SQL script will return basic information on each database on your server.  Read more...
By David Kranes 2014/01/21 | Source: | Category: database information
Rating: |  Discuss |   Briefcase | 1,756 reads

TEMPDB Configuration per vCPU

A simple script for automation of additional secondary data files of tempdb.  Read more...
By Paulo Nascimento 2014/01/14 | Source: | Category: administration
Rating: |  Discuss |   Briefcase | 1,722 reads

Dynamically create drop user statistics scripts

Generate script to drop any unwanted user created statistics.  Read more...
By David Kranes 2014/01/09 | Source: | Category: statistics
Rating: |  Discuss |   Briefcase | 807 reads

Determine when a Stored Procedure was created and last altered

Determine when a Stored Procedure was created and last altered.  Read more...
By David Kranes 2014/01/15 | Source:
Rating: |  Discuss |   Briefcase | 1,808 reads

Modified SP_WHOM

Provides sp_who data plus a connection summary and lead blocker details.  Read more...
By David Kranes 2014/01/23 | Source: | Category: sp_whom
Rating: |  Discuss |   Briefcase | 1,906 reads

Advanced Display Table and Column Info

A view that presents Schema, Table, Fields and Data Types, Defaults and First 10 triggers for the table.  Read more...
By Luis Chiriff 2014/01/03 | Source: | Category: columns
Rating: |  Discuss |   Briefcase | 1,489 reads

Figure out the Blocking issue

This script will help you to get the culprit along with IP address and User name which helps us to determine the Blocking root cause.  Read more...
By Rajib Kundu 2013/12/16 | Source: | Category: blocking
Rating: |  Discuss |   Briefcase | 2,151 reads

How we can move the login which has Sysadmin role.

We are using sp_help_revlogin to make login script, but it doesn't enable the login which has sysadmin role. It is very common problem during server migration. We use the this technique to solve the issue.  Read more...
By Rajib Kundu 2013/12/09 | Source:
Rating: |  Discuss |   Briefcase | 878 reads

Progress Bar Simulation on SQL Server

Progress Bar Simulation on SQL Server 
By Richard Chero 2013/12/11 | Source: | Category: richard j. chero díaz
Rating: |  Discuss |   Briefcase | 2,583 reads

Generate Trigger DDL

Dynamically generate trigger DDL and write to individual SQL files.  Read more...
By David Kranes 2013/12/02 | Source: | Category: ddl triggers
Rating: |  Discuss |   Briefcase | 1,347 reads

Use HASHBYTES to identify changes

Use a hash to identify changes and process just the changed rows.  Read more...
By Jim Youmans 2013/11/25 | Source: | Category: t-sql
Rating: |  Discuss |   Briefcase | 1,735 reads

Script Login Differences

Compare the logins and users on two instances and generate a TSQL script to make them the same.  Read more...
By Richard Fryar 2013/11/26 | Source: | Category: logins
Rating: |  Discuss |   Briefcase | 1,396 reads

Create tables and indexes with a Store Procedure

If you want to get the CREATE TABLES for all your Database tables, now you just need to run this SP.  Read more...
By Dario Palladino 2013/11/27 | Source: | Category: sql server 2005
Rating: |  Discuss |   Briefcase | 1,623 reads

Split and concatenate function

Function for splitting the values in string, applying logic and concatenating back to string.  Read more...
Rating: |  Discuss |   Briefcase | 1,406 reads

Capture User Auths For Database

This script captures user authorizations by database (default) or by SQL instance   Read more...
Rating: (not yet rated) |  Discuss |   Briefcase | 642 reads

Index Breakdown

Provides a robust breakdown of all indexes contained within a database allowing for quick analysis and identification of inefficient, redundant, unused, bloated, stale, and / or poorly architected indexes.  Read more...
By Sean Smith 2014/04/11 | Source: | Category: index
Rating: |  Discuss |   Briefcase | 2,302 reads
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