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The Voice of the DBA

Enjoying a Down Weekend

The Oscar nominations were released recently, with quite a few nods to The Black Panther. I did see that one on a plane, and despite the small screen, I enjoyed the story and the visual action. It's one that I may try to watch again on a larger screen at some point, likely with kids. The family is a group of Marvel fans, and while I've mostly stuck to the mainstream movies, the kids have enjoyed some of the series that complete the Marvel Universe. We've gone as a group to most of the theatrical movies, and I expect we'll see the next Avengers when it releases.

I also saw the best geek movies of 2018, most of which I had not seen. I'm more of an episodic, TV show fan, but I get to a few movies with my wife, who loves them. A good movie is sometimes a great break on the weekend from life, and I wanted to get some recommendations from others. Winter time in Colorado keeps me busy, and I love reading books, but sometimes curling up to watch a movie with the family is something I look forward to enjoying.

There are more and more movies being released all the time, of all sorts, but it seems the geek, fantasy, science fiction genre has grown quite a bit. As a kid it felt like we had few of these style movies, and settled for the comic book genre to explore amazing imaginary ideas. Now it seems between Amazon, Netflix and other major studios, there are more new sci-fi or tech films than I have time to watch.

Are there films you enjoyed in 2018? Perhaps there are a few you're looking forward to in 2019 that you await. Take a minute today and give a quick review of what you've enjoyed and what films with technology, fantasy, or just thrilling sections that you think others might enjoy on a night away from work.

Steve Jones from SQLServerCentral.com

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The Voice of the DBA Podcast

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The Voice of the DBA podcast features music by Everyday Jones. No relation, but I stumbled on to them and really like the music.

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Question of the Day

Today's Question (by Steve Jones):

I want to change the collation of my SQL Server on Linux. What should I do?

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Yesterday's Question of the Day

Yesterday's Question (by Steve Jones):

I have this table in SQL Server 2017, which I create and add a few rows for testing.

CREATE TABLE dbo.SalesOrderHeader
( OrderKey TINYINT IDENTITY(1, 1) 
, CustomerName VARCHAR(30)
INSERT dbo.SalesOrderHeader (CustomerName) VALUES ('Andy')
INSERT dbo.SalesOrderHeader (CustomerName) VALUES ('Brian')
INSERT dbo.SalesOrderHeader (CustomerName) VALUES ('Steve')

Things look good, so I now run this:

TRUNCATE TABLE dbo.SalesOrderHeader
DBCC CHECKIDENT('dbo.SalesOrderHeader', RESEED, 0)
INSERT dbo.SalesOrderHeader (CustomerName) VALUES ('Alice')

What is the value for OrderKey for the row with "Alice"?

Answer: 0


If there are no rows in the table, the DBCC CHECKIDENT will reseed the identity value to 0 and this is the value used for the next insert.

Ref: DBCC CHECKIDENT - click here

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