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Yesterday I republished an editorial from 2014 for the holiday. The topic was production subsets of data, which has been something that many data professionals have struggled with for years. Many of us have built scripts to delete, change, obfuscate, or alter production restores as a way of providing useful, but manageable development database sets. Or maybe it's just some of us. I'm sure more than a few of us have given up on this task and just restored production databases in entirety to test and development systems.

I changed over my career to become a fan of additively building a known dataset rather than deleting extra data. I advocate adding rows from production (properly masked/obfuscated) and maintaining this set over time as requirements change. However, this isn't without it's own administrative headaches. I think it's easier, but this does require commitment from everyone to keep going over time. It's certainly better than each developer adding their own 10 rows of data to a table for testing.

A year ago, Redgate released SQL Clone, designed to solve some of these issues. Once an image is created, new databases for test and development and be provisioned in seconds. I found this to be an amazing product that really changes how I develop against databases, though it does require me to stop getting caught up trying to undo changes or manage a single database. Instead, I need to ensure I am saving code to version control and then build the habit to drop and rebuild a baseline database.

As we've worked on SQL Clone, I've found that there are lots of companies that offer similar ways of virtualizing your data, giving you access to large, production scale systems in seconds. Data masking, obfuscation, and more are features, with some vendors requiring specific hardware. Others, like Red Gate, have software add-ons (Data Masker).  All of these products cost money, which can be an issue for many organizations, but I'm glad that this technology is growing and advancing. With GDPR and other draft legislation, many of us need to take better care of our data and build more secure architectures.

Containers are another interesting way to virtualiza data, though they don't solve the scale issues. If you can work with a smaller data set, and maintain that, then containers might provide a fantastic way for you to learn to build, teardown, and rebuild databases in seconds. 

The world of databases hasn't changed a lot in some ways across my career, but in others, I'm amazed. Data virtualization is one of these areas, and if you haven't trialed the technology, maybe you should give it a whirl this year.

Steve Jones from SQLServerCentral.com

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I want to set some session key-value pairs using sp_set_session_context. Since this might be used in a number of places in my application, I'm concerned that developers might set too many pairs. What is the maximum amount of data I can store with this feature?

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Yesterday's Question of the Day

Yesterday's Question (by Steve Jones):

If I run this code, what is returned?


Answer: an integer


@@OPTIONS returns a binary value that represents a bitmap of your SET options. You can convert this to binary to see a representation fo the options..

Ref: @@OPTIONS - click here

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A framework to backup databases on Availability Groups

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This script generates a health status of each db in an AG (and list of DBs not in AG) and uses an IF/THEN block to check if the synchronization_state_desc is healthy. Feel free to insert in the part marked INSERT BACKUP CODE HERE your preferred backup scripts, or trusted third party ones such as Ola Hallengren's.  Please note, this is very rough, and does not check for other criteria such as the DB being online, and what kind of backup (Full, Diff, Tlog) is required, but hopefully this will be usefuI.
Ideally, this script and modifications can be wrapped in a proc that is deployed to all servers, both standalone and those in HA's, as a job.  In theory, if you want, you can backup the transaction logs on the secondary, and full on primary.  This would require a bit of a tweak with the IF/THEN block.

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