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Voting for Change

Microsoft does listen to us. They've made a number of changes in SQL Server 2016/2107 in response to community votes and requests. The main way to make these is through Connect, though keep in mind that lots of items get filed, and I don't know how much consideration is given to suggestions for improvements and enhancements. I'm sure a significant amount of time is spent tracking down bugs and attempting to reproduce them.

The best way to work for change is to advocate your request and get others to vote on items. I'm sure there are hundreds, maybe thousands of good requests out there, and most of us don't have time to review them. We'll often vote only when we hear about an issue from friends or on Twitter. Even then, many of us place different priorities on issues, and might not vote for suggestions that we don't find useful. However, attention does get votes, so let people know what you would like to see.

That being said, there are a few that I ran across and thought would be worth mentioning. One that I think is an easy choice, and should have been included a long time ago is the ability to increase the number of SQL Agent log files. Just as we can increase the engine log file count, we ought to be able to do the same thing for Agent logs. Auditing and proper security should ensure we have plenty of log files for busy systems. Plus, this should be easy to change. In line with that, why not more system health session files?

I like this one for hidden columns, which might be really handy for legacy code. What I'd really like is the string or binary data truncated error to be enhanced. I can't, for the life of me, understand why this hasn't gotten some sort of fix. It's been lingering for far too long, wasting countless development hours. Maybe they could fix it with new virtual tables.

There are plenty of other issues in Connect, some of which might be very useful, quite a few of which are silly. I still think shining light on some of these and getting more votes might change the future of the product. At least, that's what I'm optimistic about.

Steve Jones from SQLServerCentral.com

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I have created a list in Python like this:

>>>mylist = []

I want to add an element to the list. What syntax will add the string, "Porsche", to the list?

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Yesterday's Question of the Day

Yesterday's Question (by Steve Jones):

At which version of SQL Server did Extended Events (XE) include all the same events that are available in SQL Trace?

Answer: 2012 SP3


Extended events includes all events in trace as of SQL Server 2012, SP3. If you have a version more recent than this, you should be using Extended Events instead of trace.

Ref: Stairway to SQL Server Extended Events Level 1: From SQL Trace to Extended Events

 - http://www.sqlservercentral.com/articles/Stairway+Series/134869/

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