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The 2013 Tribal Awards

We're the #sqlfamily on Twitter, and often in person where we often get together for a #sqlrun in the morning and a bit of #sqlkaraoke at night. In some sense, we are a tribe within the larger technology community, focused on our common work with SQL Server. I thought the title for  was fantastic, bringing together new authors to share their knowledge, and raise money for a charity.

At SQLServerCentral and Simple Talk, with the sponsorship of Red Gate Software, we decided to create some end of year awards in various categories, based on the community, not companies or products. We kick off our nominations today in a number of categories, including Advice that saved my bacon in 2013, Best Speaker, Best Outfit, and more. You can read more about the categories in today's announcement.

The idea is that the community can recognize others in the community with a nomination, and some supporting material that encourages others to nominate the same individual, and vote for the winner. The top five with the most nominations will get voted on over the holidays with awards presented in January.

I hope you have fun with this, and think back to those people and events that stand out in your mind in 2013.  Nominate them, give a few reasons, and celebrate the help that each of us gives each other as a part of the SQL Server tribe.

PS: we had a great #sqlski last year for SQL Saturday in Albuquerque and we're doing it again this year. Feel free to join us at Taos on Friday, January 24th, right before SQL Saturday #271 in Albuquerque on Jan 25, 2014.

Steve Jones from SQLServerCentral.com

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Today's podcast features music by Everyday Jones. No relation, but I stumbled on to them and really like the music. Support this great duo at www.everydayjones.com.

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Steve Jones

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Featured Contents


A few reflections on RBAR by a weary application developer

George Copeland from SQLServerCentral.com

Follow the guidance of your DBA, but remember, he or she is from another land. More »


SQL Server Database Backup and Restore with Windows Azure Blob Storage Cloud Services using T-SQL Commands

Additional Articles from MSSQLTips.com

SQL Server 2012 introduces a new feature to issues backups on the Windows Azure Blob Storage service directly and restore from there when needed. But how does it work and how to get started using T-SQL commands for backup and restore operation? More »


Nominations open for the 2013 Tribal Awards

Press Release from SQLServerCentral.com

SQLServerCentral and Simple-Talk are co-hosting the Tribal Awards. Nominations open today for each of the 11 categories which recognize technical excellence, willingness to help the wider community, and exceptional SQL Karaoke skills. More »


From the SQLServerCentral Blogs - Finding active DTS packages

Kenneth Fisher from SQLServerCentral Blogs

DTS is dead, long live SSIS. Way back when SQL 2005 was announced then released DTS was pronounced DOA. SSIS... More »

Question of the Day

Today's Question (by Steve Jones):

In the windowing clause for T-SQL analytic functions, after the PARTITION BY and ORDER BY clauses, what are the two types of ways in which you can choose what sets of rows are included? Choose 2

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SQL Server 2012 T-SQL Recipes: A Problem-Solution Approach

SQL Server 2012 T-SQL Recipes is an example-based guide to the Transact-SQL language that is at the core of SQL Server 2012. It provides ready-to-implement solutions to common programming and database administration tasks. Learn to create databases, insert and update data, generate reports, secure your data, and more. Tasks and their solutions are broken down into a problem/solution format that is quick and easy to read so that you can get the job done fast when the pressure is on. Get your copy from Amazon today.

Yesterday's Question of the Day

Yesterday's Question (by Steve Jones):

In SQL Server 2014, the technology code named "Hekaton" refers to what?

Answer: Memory-Optimized Tables


Hekaton is the code name for the technology behind memory-optimized tables in SQL Server 2014.

Ref: In-Memory OLTP - http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dn133186%28v=sql.120%29.aspx

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Featured Script

How we can move the login which has Sysadmin role.

Rajib Kundu from SQLServerCentral.com

We are using sp_help_revlogin to make login script, but it doesn't enable the login which has sysadmin role. It is very common problem during server migration. We use the this technique to solve the issue.

Workaround:  How you can enable the sysadmin role correctly for all the login which has sysadmin role.

This script creates the command in old server which need to execute to the new server.

More »

Database Pros Who Need Your Help

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