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Who Inspires You?

Today we have a guest editorial from Chris Shaw as Steve is on holiday.

Between sessions at the 2013 PASS Summit held in Charlotte, NC. I was approached by an attendee who told me their accidental DBA story.  Their path to becoming a DBA was similar to that of many DBA’s that I have talked to in the past.  This attendee in particular had attended a SQL Saturday event where I had spoken on disaster recovery. She sought me out to tell me how my session had an impact on how she went about building her own DR strategy.

When I deliver a presentation, I focus on my primary goal: to help others navigate difficult decisions by hearing my successes and failures.

When considering my goal it is easy to see my presentations are based on experiences that I have had, often bad ones. Often is it difficult to share the failures but without them I can’t share the successes. The result is a session with a very personal touch. When I have someone send me an email or reach out to me at an event, and they tell me I have helped them, it really encourages me to do more.  Motivation to the point that I often forget that I am struggling to keep my eyes open during the long days at conferences.  Hearing I made an impact on just one person changes my view on so many things.

Does someone inspire you?  Who has helped you navigate difficult decision that you have made? Those that have inspired you may not know that have had any impact at all. They may be on the cusp of questioning themselves or a decision they have made.  It may be a point in time of that person’s career where they need to make a decision, and hearing from you could help them.  I challenge you to take the time today, just 5 minutes to send them an email, or stop by the local grocery store and pick up a card for them.  Encourage those who have encouraged you. 

Chris Shaw from SQLServerCentral.com

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Question of the Day

Today's Question (by Steve Jacobs):

What is the resultset from the query below?

--Query 1
CREATE TABLE #temp ( a CHAR(1), b VARCHAR(10) );
--Query 2
        ( a
        , b
        SELECT 'A'
              , NULL
        UNION ALL
        SELECT 'A'
              , 'Hello'
        UNION ALL
        SELECT 'C'
              , '12345'
        UNION ALL
        SELECT 'B'
              , 'Hello'
        UNION ALL
        SELECT 'D'
              , '54321'
        UNION ALL
        SELECT 'E'
              , NULL
        UNION ALL
        SELECT 'D'
              , '11111'
        UNION ALL
        SELECT 'B'
              , '54321'
        UNION ALL
              , NULL;
--Query 3
              , b
            FROM #temp
         ) AS t1 PIVOT ( MAX(b) FOR b IN ( #temp ) ) AS t2
                  ELSE 0
--Query 4

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Yesterday's Question of the Day

Yesterday's Question (by Raul Gonzalez):

In SQL Server 2008R2, if we create the following table, what will be the data type and nullability for the computed columns?

      col1 VARCHAR(8) NULL
    , col1Computed AS LEFT(col1, 4)
    , col2 VARCHAR(8) NOT NULL
    , col2Computed AS LEFT(col2, 4)
    , col3 CHAR(8) NULL
    , col3Computed AS LEFT(col3, 4)
    , col4 CHAR(8) NOT NULL
    , col4Computed AS LEFT(col4, 4)

Answer: col1Computed varchar(4) NULL, col2Computed varchar(4) NULL, col3Computed varchar(4) NULL, col4Computed varchar(4) NULL

execute tempdb..sp_help '#t'
The data type of the Computed colums is determined by the function LEFT which will return VARCHAR when a NON UNICODE string is passed as parameter.
Although col2 and col4 are defined as NOT NULL, the database engine automatically determines the nullability of Computed columns based on the expression used.
The result of most expressions is considered nullable even if only nonnullable columns are present, because possible underflows or overflows will produce null results as well. 
In this case, the function LEFT can return NULL values therefore the computed column is created as NULL

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Featured Script

Compare Current IDENTITY Value to DataType's Boundary

Arthur Gimpel from SQLServerCentral.com

Execute the script on the DB which contains IDENTITY property on large tables.

It will return data type usage percent of the identity seed per table, with the actual numbers included.

Note: The last statement querying the temp tables uses FORMAT() funcation which works only on SQL Server 2012+.

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