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The tremendous growth of computing power, especially in the form of mobile devices, means that more and more people can analyze data themselves, or have applications do it locally, reducing the need for large central systems to perform all the calculations. Indeed some of the value from Hadoop and other cluster computing systems comes from using lots of small, relatively powerful systems to do more work than one single computer could.

However we can not only analyze, but also gather data. There is a rise in the citizen scientist, in which individuals can help scientists by gathering data and sharing it with others. This can reduce the costs of gathering data, but more importantly, gather much more, and varied, data than might otherwise be possible. There are a number of projects available if you're an amateur scientist that wants to join in.

Most of us are data professionals and might be interested in working with more data. Perhaps we want a set for demo purposes, or perhaps we want to work on a project that interests us and could use our technical talents. Many of the projects out there make their data available, and you should consider using such a set if it strikes your fancy.

More importantly, I would hope that more people would analyze the raw data and look to verify, or dispute, the conclusions of the project owners. As data professionals, we can help people learn how they can analyze and manipulate data better with the tools we have available.  With more transparency, we can have healthier debates on the causes, the effects, and even the potential future implications of how to build a better world in the future.

Steve Jones from SQLServerCentral.com

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From the SQLServerCentral Blogs - sp_DBPermissions V2.0

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Is it a good idea to disable the [guest] database user in the [msdb] database?

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SQL Queries 2012 Joes 2 Pros® Volume 4: Query Programming Objects for SQL Server 2012

The SQL developer needs to be able to create processes for the working database by using one of the many programming objects (like functions, stored procedures, constrains, or triggers). By creating objects that talk with SQL you simply the way other programs (like applications or web pages) can interconnect. These eternal programs only need to call on the names of your programming objects by name rather than needing to submit large pieces of advance code. With SQL Queries 2012 Joes 2 Pros® Volume 4, you learn how programming objects work in SQL Server. For those of you who have read the 2008 series for the 70-433 Exam you will find a lot of the same material from the SQL 2008 book in this SQL 2012 book. This is because much of the 70-461 test covers the same material as the 70-433. I have added material that is new to the test and removed material that is no longer relevant. If you have already read this series or have already passed the 70-433 exam you may choose to read my book which covers only the changes from 70-433 to 70-461 entitled "Joes 2 Pros SQL 2012 Queries 70-461 Exam for SQL 2008 Pros".

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Yesterday's Question of the Day

Yesterday's Question (by sqlnaive):

What will be the output of the last Select statement:

SELECT COALESCE(Col1, Col2) AS 'FirstNotNull' FROM dbo.T_TEST

Note: Code is tested in SQL 2008 version.

Answer: 5000.50, 100.00, 6666.25

Explanation: Coalesce returns the data type of expression with the highest data type precedence. In this case decimal datatype has higher precedence over int datatype, so the int value from col2 will be returned as decimal (100 as 100.00).

Ref: COALESCE - http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms190349(v=sql.105).aspx

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Featured Script

Get all the Child Tables up to N level

Thava from SQLServerCentral.com

Get all the dependent tables for a master table  up to N level(Till the leaf ) you can either find dependency or you can find all the child tables.
To find the  Complete Relation
SELECT TableRelation
FROM   cte
Order by TableRelation
To find only the Dependent Table only
FROM   cte

More »

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