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PowerShell vs GUI Availability Group Rebuild

Windows Cluster\SQL Availability Group rebuild times comparison - Management Studio & Cluster Manager Vs PowerShell Commands  More »

Getting Started with the SSAS Tabular Model

SSAS Tabular models are in-memory databases that model data with relational constructs such as tables and relationships, in order to provide a rapid and powerful way of providing self-service BI to client applications such as Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Power View. You’ve deployed SSAS in tabular mode, and deployed Adventureworks into it. What next? Rob Sheldon explains all. More »

SQL Saturday #229 - Dublin

SQL Saturday Dublin is hosting a two-day training event covering SQL Server 2012, Business Intelligence, Database Administration and Personal Development. The free training event will be Saturday June 22 2013, and three preconference sessions (not free) will take place the 21st. More »

From the SQLServerCentral Blogs - Printing the Report Parameters on SSRS

  I'm surprised there isn't an option in the Report Manager for allowing you to include on the print out of... More »

Editorial - Losing Data

Most of us that work as data professionals hate the idea of losing data. When the developer calls and says his test database is gone and backups were never set up, we may shrug our shoulders and offer to help next time, but we feel bad. We will try everything we can do to recover the data, usually going out of our way to give it our best effort. 

We will lose data. There will be situations that are out of our control, and we have to accept that. However we should try not to make the easy mistakes ourselves that might cause data loss. I ran across a short piece on Five Sure Ways to Lose Data and I agree with the items, but I think there are a few more things we should watch out for.

One of the easiest mistakes to make to forget is to set up backups. Too often we implement new databases under time pressure, dealing with software that is dropped in our laps at the last minute. Security permissions are never documented and during the frustration of just getting something deployed, we may forget to set up a backup system, intending to do it next week.

Don't do that. Get backups set up immediately. It's quick, it's easy, and you should have some automated process or script ready. As soon as you complete backups, invite yourself to a meeting to set up monitoring in the next day or two. That's one of the other easy things to fix: ensuring your backup schemes are working by monitoring your servers. Your monitoring should include alerts for DBCC checks and high severity errors in addition to backups at a minimum. Automating this, or using a tool, are the best things you can do.

There are lots of other things we might ignore that can cause data loss, but if you get your backups working, you should be able to recover from most any situation.

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Question of the Day

Today's Question:

You have a table named Product with three columns: ProductID, Name and Color. Which of the following queries runs successfully based on this information? (select 3)

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Yesterday's Question of the Day

What will be the output of the select statement?

CREATE TABLE [dbo].[IndexTable](
[ID] [int] NOT NULL,
[Value] [varchar](50) NULL,
([ID] ASC)
INSERT INTO [dbo].[IndexTable]
 VALUES(1, 'value1'), (2, 'value2')
ALTER INDEX [PK_IndexTable] ON [dbo].[IndexTable] DISABLE
INSERT INTO [dbo].[IndexTable]
 VALUES(3, 'Value3') 
ALTER INDEX [PK_IndexTable] ON [dbo].[IndexTable] REORGANIZE
INSERT INTO [dbo].[IndexTable]
 VALUES(4, 'Value4') 
ALTER INDEX [PK_IndexTable] ON [dbo].[IndexTable] REBUILD
INSERT INTO [dbo].[IndexTable]
 VALUES(5, 'Value5') 
SELECT * FROM indextable
DROP TABLE [dbo].[IndexTable]

Answer: value1,value2,value5

Explanation: When a clustered index is disabled, its data rows cannot be accessed. This means that there will be no insertion process possible. Due to the same reason, even reorganization of the index is not possible until the clustered index (which was disabled) is rebuilt.

After the index rebuild happens, we are able to execute the final insert statement. I found Reference from the MSDN BOL:

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Re-Trust Untrusted Foreign Keys and Constraints

This script will attempt to re-trust untrusted foreign keys and will report counts of successes and failures. More »

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