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The Importance of Reading Comments

Read when you search for help on the internet. You might miss a very important part of what you must do. More »

Help us improve SQL Source Control

We've been working really hard on SQL Source Control, and need your input. We're currently working on suggestions from our user forum and on an updated migrations feature that supports all source control systems and works across branches. We'd love it if you could spare 10 minutes to complete this survey. If you complete the survey by Friday June 14, you could win a $100 Amazon voucher. There are two up for grabs!  More »

Extend SQL Server DDL Triggers for more functionality: Part 2

A previous tip, SQL Server DDL Triggers to Track All Database Changes, generated a lot of discussion involving ways to make the provided DDL trigger more useful. Check out this tip to expand your knowledge on DDL Triggers. More »

From the SQLServerCentral Blogs - Building a SharePoint 2013 BI Demo Environment Part 5 – Installing SharePoint

Let’s get started with the next step in the series: installing SharePoint. We will install only the software, but we... More »

Editorial - No R2

At least not for SQL Server. There was an announcement last week at TechEd that the next version of SQL Server will be coming in the next year and will be named SQL Server 2014. No SQL Server 2012 R2, which I think is a good decision. As much as I don't think naming much matters for many things, releasing a second product with it's own set of patches, under the moniker of a previous product, makes for confusion. No shortage of people have tried to restore databases from SQL Server 2008 R2 to SQL Server 2008, or apply patches built for one, on the other.

Three main products were announced: Windows Server 2012 R2System Center 2012 R2, and SQL Server 2014. I still don't understand why the branding for the other products hasn't changed, but as long as SQL Server is moving forward, I'm happy. All three products have lots of changes, but some of the biggest ones are in linking more features from the cloud platform, specifically Azure, to those products. I'm not sure what it means for the other products, but for SQL Server, I was surprised, and a little scared, by this quote:

 “there is no such thing as a SQL Server team anymore. There is, in fact, no code base called SQL Server. There’s only one code base, which is the Azure database code base.” 

It's been printed a few times that Microsoft is focused on Azure first, and their development will occur there first and slowly make its into the boxed product. I can understand that, even if I don't like it. I still think Azure needs competition outside of Microsoft, but we'll see what happens as development moves forward.

In terms of SQL Server 2014, there are lots of new items to be excited about. The in-memory "Hekaton" structures, updateable columnstore indexes, AlwaysOn expanded to 8 secondaries with online indexing and more. I am anxious to see how the sub-roles work for security, and if we can allow more administration without access to data, I'm very interested. The Resource Governor that handles IO is another one I've wanted for quite a few versions.

I don't know when we'll be able to test things, and I don't know when we'll get the RTM bits, but if you have instances you've been thinking about moving to SQL Server 2012, I might hold off and see how the first CTP shakes out.

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Question of the Day

Today's Question:

Suppose I am upgrading SQLServer 2008 R2 to SQLServer 2012.In need to identify the deprecated features that will not be supported in feature releases. What are the event classes to identity the deprecated features.

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Expert Performance Indexing for SQL Server 2012

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Yesterday's Question of the Day

What will be returned from the last 2 selects ?


SET @a = 0.115
SET @b = 0.075
SET @c = 0.04

 SELECT @b + @c


 WHERE N = 0.115

 WHERE N > 0.114
 AND N < 0.116

Answer: The first will return 1 record and the second will return 2 records.

Explanation: The results have to do with the floating point storage and calculation my Microsoft in SQL Server. I can't find any specific links to this issue but a quote from Microsoft "Approximate-number data types for use with floating point numeric data. Floating point data is approximate; therefore, not all values in the data type range can be represented exactly."


This may explain the inaccuracies.

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SQL Server Transaction Log Management

When a SQL Server database is operating smoothly and performing well, there is no need to be particularly aware of the transaction log, beyond ensuring that every database has an appropriate backup regime and restore plan in place. When things go wrong, however, a DBA's reputation depends on a deeper understanding of the transaction log, both what it does, and how it works. An effective response to a crisis requires rapid decisions based on understanding its role in ensuring data integrity.

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What's changed recently?

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