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Parallel Processing Using Jobs

Simple way to run uniform tasks in parallel using self-deleting jobs. More »

SQL Saturday #209 - Rochester

A free day of SQL Server training in upstate New York. More »

SQL Server 2012 Integration Services - Using PowerShell to Configure Package Execution Parameters

Marcin Policht explores some of PowerShell's SSIS-specific automation capabilities by demonstrating the process of configuring an already deployed package in order to carry out a parameterized package execution. More »

From the SQLServerCentral Blogs - Restoring Azure SQL Database to a Local Server

In last week’s post, I talked about the steps required to backup a Azure SQL Database.  That post leaves us... More »

Editorial - Factivism

I believe that we should all give back to the world outside of our families at some point in our lives. This might not be the time for you, and you might not have a cause right now. However I think at some point performing volunteer work to better the world will give each of a deep sense of purpose in our lives. I was reminded of this recently while watching a talk from Bono, on the state of hunger and poverty in the world. Bono has devoted considerable personal energy and resources in working with to fight extreme poverty around the world. This may or may not be your cause, but it was an interesting talk, one worth watching.

The presentation wasn't what I expected, with Bono embracing his "inner nerd", as he put it. He talks not only about the state of his cause, but he uses data to present his case and inspire people to continue to work to make things better around the world. The term he used was not activism, but factivism. This is the idea of using facts and knowledge to further a cause. Whether you agree with Bono's vision, his case, or his goal, the idea of using data to make changes is something most of us embrace as data professionals.

The idea of using more data, more information to make decisions is something most of us do each day. However we don't have to limit ourselves to just the data and knowledge we have at work. I find many people looking to showcase their skills or improve their brand. This might be a way in which you choose to do this. With the availability of data from governments and organizations, you can present your own data analysis, or even a visualization that shows how you work with a set of data. It's the chance to make your own mark on the world, perhaps making the world better, or perhaps disputing the claims of others. Having data freely available allows us to check and verify someone's work or dispute their conclusions. Both of which are important for a healthy debate.

However you might tackle some data interpretation, you don't need to make a political or social statement. You could just provide a story on how you examine the data, perhaps learning along the way. By showcasing your knowledge of data in some way, perhaps even explaining how to load the data, you get experience and practice in both a technical area, as well as in communicating your knowledge to others. If you choose to do so in pursuit of a cause, perhaps the world may be a little better for your efforts.

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Question of the Day

Today's Question:

Which of the following hints require the word WITH?  (choose 3) Assume SQL Server 2012.


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Yesterday's Question of the Day

---Statement 1
Name varchar(20) 
--Statement 2
 PersonName varchar(10) REFERENCES table1(Name)
What will be the output of both queries?

Answer: The first statement will execute successfully and the second statement will throw an error

Explanation: Columns participating in a foreign key relationship must be defined with the same length and scale, otherwise the compiler will throw the error:

Column 'table1.Name' is not the same length or scale as referencing column 'table2.PersonName' in foreign key 'FK__table2__PersonNa__2F10007B'. 


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Script to find username and corresponding loginname for all user DB

Script to find username and corresponding loginname for all user database in SQL Server More »

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