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A Simple Formula to Calculate the ISO Week Number

He admits it wasn't his idea but his head sure wishes it was. SQL Server MVP Jeff Moden explains a wonderful, super simple, very high performance formula that will calculate ISO Week Numbers. If you're "stuck" with SQL Server 2005 or less, you're going to like this a whole lot! More »

SQL Saturday #189 - Costa Rica

Join us at SQL Saturday Costa Rica on April 13, 2013 for a day of SQL Server Training and Networking. More »

SQL Server JOIN Hints

You, as a SQL Server data professional, are looking for ways to improve your queries. You've done the usual - avoided cursors and loops, used locks effectively, examined execution plans - what else can you tweak? Check out this tip to learn more. More »

From the SQLServerCentral Blogs - Analysis Services Webinar Recording and Q&A

I hope you were able to attend my free webinar on Introduction to Analysis Services on April 2, 2013.  If... More »

Editorial - Double Compliance


I haven't ever been bound by HIPAA or PCI regulations with the data I've managed. Those laws hadn't been enacted when I worked in those industries, and so I've never had to go through an audit. I have been through ISO 9000 and SOX audits, and I found those audits to be both a pain and also a good idea. Various inconsistencies and exceptions in our policies were found, often strengthening our security or bringing more consistency (and stability) to our organization. Those two audits were also very close in scope and requirements. If we could pass one, we typically could pass the other.

However PCI and HIPAA are not the same, and you shouldn't expect that passing one would mean you could pass the other. For most of us, we wouldn't be bound by both of these, since they are applied to the financial and medical fields respectively. However as we look to move forward and use new partners in business, including cloud services, we should be aware that just because a company has one certification doesn't mean they have the other. If your business partner is PCI complaint in some way, I wouldn't assume that this means they are in any way HIPAA compliant, and vice versa.

Should we have standards for data protection that matter to a variety of industries? I'm not sure we should, despite the hassles that may mean for those of us bound by these regulations. Each industry and type of business has it's own requirements, some of which are not applicable to other fields. Trying to build one standard for privacy, security, or any other requirement is likely to mean a watered-down, ill-fitting regulation that doesn't protect any data well. Instead we should have specific requirements we need to meet to provide security (or any other need), without specifics on the technology or implementation used.

Most of you probably don't like the idea of any regulation, and I'd like to agree with you. However I've seen too many people ignore good practices, engage in morally debatable activities, and in general treat other people, and data, in a way they wouldn't want to be treated themselves. A little regulation, that limits abuses and gross malpractices is a good thing. Too much regulation, specifying details that are often obsolete before they can be enforced, is a bad idea.

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What does this script return on SQL Server 2008?


















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Yesterday's Question of the Day

In SQL Server 2012, what are the three options for setting CPU limits in the Resource Governor?


  • CAP
  • MAX
  • MIN

Explanation: The three options are cap, max, and min. CAP is new in SQL Server 2012.


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Rename Foreign Key Constraints

Rename Foreign Key Constraints in a consistent manner. Ideal for preventing constraint errors during code promotion. More »

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