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Throttle a Query in Mid-Execution

Resource Governor provides a great mechanism for throttling resources, but it doesn't always allow granular control. Read about this trace flag that allows you to dynamically alter the resource usage of a query. More »

TSQL Pivot Rotations using only REPLACE

Pivoting SQL Server tables is always awkward, even with the PIVOT and UNPIVOT operators. If you want to get the job done without GROUP BY or PIVOT, here is a way to do it using only REPLACE. More »


If you’re involved in the database world it’s hard to have missed the rise of the “no-sql” database products, designed to – depending on your view or the product I suppose – make databases simpler, break out of the transaction database paradigm, scale out across hundreds of machines, make it easy to change the db design (or not require one). I think some of the problems no-sql tries to solve are real, others reflect a lack of awareness/training/tools on how and why relational databases could not just solve the problem, but solve it better. More »

Editorial - Google Glass Your Database

I'm sure most of you have heard of Google Glasses by now. This is a hardware platform, literally built into a set of glasses that's designed to mate with your Android cell phone and allow you to access and use your phone in conjunction with your glasses. It's an interesting idea, and while I'm not sure if it will catch on, I'd like to see some parts of this technology come to fruition.

There's a new company that is trying something similar, providing a new way to access databases. Virtual Search, Inc. has combined a set of glasses with a built in display with a set of virtual reality gloves and proprietary software to allow you to search your Analysis Services cubes in a quick and intuitive manner. 

Users can connect to a cube and then visualize the aggregations in a starscape-like manner. With gestures that are customizable for each user, the software allows the wearer to quickly add or remove filters along dimensions and measures in a way that can speed up querying for the business user. Data dictionaries and other meta data can pop up in the display on the side as users quickly move through what-if scenarios.

I have to think this would be an easy sell in many companies, if only for the cachet of cool that this would bestow upon the users. I'm sure many of my employers would spring for the hardware and likely fund a project to build new cubes to test the interface. I'm also sorry to tell you this isn't true, nor likely to be true. It's my little April first thought for the day. As a short apology, the podcast for the day is a series of bloopers so you can laugh at my inability to record a short 3 minute segment each day.

Hopefully you enjoyed this and while you might be drooling over the prospect, you aren't too disappointed. If any of you software developers are so inclined to try building something like this, you might float your idea over at Kickstarter.

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Question of the Day

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In which version of SQL Server did the SET ROLLBACK_TIMEOUT = X get added? (X is the number of milliseconds before an automatic rollback is initiated for a connection that is not actively running a command.)

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Yesterday's Question of the Day

declare @a char(5), @b char(5), @c char(5)

set @a = 'abcde'

set @b = ' ab'

set @c = 'ab '

select LEN(@a), LEN(@b), LEN(@c)

What will be returned by the select statement?

Answer: 5, 3, 2

Explanation: LEN() returns the number of characters in a string, excluding trailing spaces (both those included explicitly during the assignment and the ones added by the padding of data types char and nchar), but not leading spaces.

Reference: LEN -

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SQL Server Execution Plans

SQL Server Execution Plans shows you what's going on behind the scenes in SQL Server. They can provide you with a wealth of information on how your queries are being executed by SQL Server, including: Which indexes are being used, and where no indexes are being used at all. How the data is being retrieved, and joined, from the tables defined in your query. How aggregations in GROUP BY queries are put together. Grab your copy today from Amazon!

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Create Table with T-SQL

Generate create table statement using T-SQL. More »

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