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How to recover a SQL Server login password.

I will describe a simple method anyone can use to obtain lost password information for a SQL Server login. More »

SQL Saturday #187 - Richmond

A free day of training in Richmond, VA. Come along and see Steve Jones, Grant Fritchey and more. More »

How to move a SQL Server Log Shipped Secondary Database to Different SQL Server

This tip I will explains a step-by-step method to perform the SQL Server Log Shipping migration. More »

How to move a SQL Server Log Shipped Secondary Database to Different SQL Server

This tip I will explains a step-by-step method to perform the SQL Server Log Shipping migration. More »

From the SQLServerCentral Blogs - A Month of PowerShell – Day 22 (Restores)

Welcome to Day 22 of my “A Month of PowerShell” series. This series will use the series landing page on... More »

Editorial - Does Connect Work?

I had a brief conversation on Twitter about the Microsoft Connect bug reporting system, and received the tweet pictured above. It notes: "I like how you used 'Connect works' in that sentence. Great work of fiction." That made me laugh because it does sometimes seem that Connect doesn't work all that well for those of us that use it.

Connect was supposed to be a place where users could report bugs and make suggestions. Some people file a lot of bugs and suggestions, though more than a few seem slightly silly. Others file what appear to be support requests, and I've had a number of documentation notes. There are even Connect items filed on Connect itself, though I can't understand why this particular one is "postponed". There are some items that have been open for years, even with hundreds of votes.

The Connect system is supposed to feed directly to product groups and there are more than a few times I've received feedback through the system from developers I know personally that provide comments. I know developers are seeing the items, but there appear to be a few times of year when the SQL Server group mass closes lots of Connect items, often without any feedback. The twitter conversation I had above included one of these items.

I remember being excited when Connect was introduced, thinking this would be a good way to get feedback to the product groups, and hopefully influence the managers to prioritize some of the common requests. However that excitement was tempered with the idea that so many items would be submitted, and it would be hard to triage and rank them. Indeed, I rarely find something in the searches I make before submitting, even I'll have submissions closed as duplicate.  The number of items submitted is so high, it's hard to even comprehend how any group works with the submissions. 

With the state of Connect, the lack of feedback, and the mass closures, I'm not sure how well Connect is working these days. However it's not all bad; I did submit one item that received enough votes to actually make a change in MS policy. Outside of that, I think @SirSQL's statement might be closer to the truth than I would hope.

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Everyday Jones

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Question of the Day

Today's Question:

I execute the following T-SQL




SET @I = 987.65

SET @S = 'abcdefghij' 



The question is: what values are returned by SELECT STATEMENT. SELECT TWO (2)

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Microsoft® SQL Server® 2012 Step by Step

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Yesterday's Question of the Day

Will this code execute and return a value?

-- First Step
-- First Create a Table 
create table temp1
( name nvarchar(50)
-- Second Step
--First Stored Procedure
create proc sp1

select * from temp1
exec sp2

-- Third Step
-- Second Stored procedure
create proc sp2

select * from temp1
exec sp1

--Fourth step
exec sp1

Answer: No, this will create an infinite loop

Explanation: When user execute any one SP then it cal to second sp again second sp call to first sp, so that it will continue in an infinite loop. While you can compile both procedures, you cannot execute them successfully.

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Performance Tuning with SQL Server Dynamic Management Views

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Featured Script

Copy Triggers from One DB to Another

A simple script that transfers triggers from one database to another. More »

Database Pros Who Need Your Help!

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