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Can a Table Really Have a Clustered Index?

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Making the Case for a SQL Server Platform Refresh

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From the SQLServerCentral Blogs - On the Sixth Day…

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Editorial - It's the Bits

Being Digital This editorial was originally published on Mar 3, 2008. It is being re-run as Steve is traveling.

Years ago I read Being Digital by Nicholas Negroponte and while I enjoyed the book, there was one very interesting story in there. Dr. Negroponte was crossing the border from the US to Canada and customs stopped him, checked his computer, and asked what the value was. He responded with "$2,000,000", which is a lot of money. The customs person seemed taken aback and had expected some sort of value closer to $2000-5000. He responded that the bits inside, meaning his writings and other data, were way more valuable than the hardware.

That's how I feel about my laptop and why I love my 1GB and 2GB flash drives. I rarely travel, but I back up my documents, which are mostly text documents, before I go and keep the flash drive separate from my laptop in case of problems. I can always buy a new laptop if I need it, but I can't easily replace the data.

Some of you might have seen this article where a woman is suing Best Buy for US$54M because they lied about her stolen laptop and deceived her. Now I think this is an outrageous amount and it's like the woman that received millions from McDonalds for being burned by their coffee. both ladies deserve compensation, but it should be in line with what happened. You can make the point without suing for an outrageous amount. Even $1M would make the point, and that would be too high. Sue them for $100,001 if you want attention. That might be more in line with the cover up that occurred.

This really brings to mind two different things to me. First, keep good backups of your important data. I try to organize my stuff into a few areas and then get that to fit onto media that I can physically separate from my first machine. My wife used to go so far as to keep a 2nd laptop hard drive in her suitcase that contained copies of everything. That way if her laptop was stolen or damaged, she should plug the second drive in another laptop and be off and running.

It's easy to think of the physical device as being valuable, but I think for most of us the digital information inside is way more valuable than the hardware. And I think this is a trend that will continue over time, with the bits value dwarfing the electronics.

And if you haven't backed up your data recently, you might want to stop and make a quick copy of the important stuff.

Steve Jones

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Everyday Jones

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Question of the Day

Today's Question:

You need to include a division in a view, and you want to make sure that, no matter what the input, the view will never result in a division by zero error. Which of the following scripts achieve that? (Choose 2)

-- View 1
SELECT KeyColumn, Dividend, Divisor,
       CASE WHEN Divisor <> 0 THEN Dividend / Divisor END AS Division
FROM   dbo.MyTable;

-- View 2
SELECT KeyColumn, Dividend, Divisor,
       NULLIF(Dividend / Divisor, 0) AS Division
FROM   dbo.MyTable;

-- View 3
SELECT KeyColumn, Dividend, Divisor,
       IF (Divisor <> 0) THEN Dividend / Divisor AS Divisor
FROM   dbo.MyTable;

-- View 4
SELECT KeyColumn, Dividend, Divisor,
       Dividend / CASE WHEN Divisor <> 0 THEN Divisor END AS Division
FROM   dbo.MyTable;

-- View 5
SELECT KeyColumn, Dividend, Divisor,
       Dividend / NULLIF(Divisor, 0) AS Division
FROM   dbo.MyTable;

-- View 6
SELECT KeyColumn, Dividend, Divisor,
       Dividend / IF (Divisor <> 0) THEN Divisor AS Divisor
FROM   dbo.MyTable;

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Yesterday's Question of the Day

I have a table named #testAggregates

with column col1 of datatype int. Below are the values in the table:


What are the results from these individual select queries?

SELECT SUM(distinct col1) as sum_col1
     , COUNT(DISTINCT col1) as cnt_col1
  FROM #testAggregates

SELECT SUM(distinct col1) as sum_col1
     , COUNT(DISTINCT col1) as cnt_col1
 FROM #testAggregates

SELECT ISNULL(SUM(NULL),0) as sum_col1
     , ISNULL(COUNT(NULL),0) as cnt_col1
 FROM #testAggregates

Answer: (3,3) , (NULL,0) , Error

Explanation: Aggregate functions do not take a null into account for calculations. When a null is directly given as input to an aggregate function, it gives an error.

Ref: No reference has been found, but apparently this is the way things work in SQL Server 2008 R2.

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Show Table, Index and Image/Text size.

This is a simple script that show size from a table and yours related objects. More »

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