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Parent Package Variable Configuration and Logging

In SSIS, when we use 'parent package variable configuration' the order of event execution is quite different than the normal execution order. In this article we will see what the impact on execution order when we use 'parent package variable configuration'. More »

QlikView for Beginners - An Introduction to QlikView

A brief introduction to getting started with QlikView. More »

Coping with Infrastructure Upgrades

A common topic for questions on SQL Server forums is how to plan and implement upgrades to SQL Server. Moving from old to new hardware or moving from one version of SQL Server to another. There are other circumstances where upgrades of other systems affect SQL Server DBAs. More »

From the SQLServerCentral Blogs - Let’s Talk About Joins

T-SQL Tuesday #37 This month please join us in the TSQL blog party that happens on the second tuesday of the... More »

Editorial - Better Licensing for SQL Server

People post licensing questions constantly at SQLServerCentral about the various scenarios and situations they face with their SQL Server instance configuration.  Many of the are fairly easy to answer, but more and more I read about environments that are complex. The problem is it is not clear what purchases are needed from the licensing documents.

Multiple cores, virtual environments, and the restrictions for different editions of SQL Server mean there are often no simple answers. I know Microsoft is trying to earn a profit and these days hardware advances complicate matters, but I do think that Microsoft can make this much easier to understand than it currently is.

There are lots of possible scenarios for systems, but publishing data on the Internet is easy. I don't understand why the licensing documents do not include 10 or 20 possible configurations for SQL Server environments and explain what the licensing requirements are for each one. I bet that there are even some developers at Microsoft that can build a way for anyone to submit their own scenario, get it added to the list, and an answer published. I would guess there might even be able to build a notification feature for the submitter.

It's easy to contact a Microsoft licensing representative, but many of these people aren't SQL Server experts, and often don't understand some of the implications of complex environments. What's worse is I have different friends getting different answers from Microsoft representatives.  By not using published scenarios and licensing requirements, and depending on employees' interpretation of the documents, Microsoft is as likely to under charge as over charge customers. Neither situation is a fair one.

I don't mind paying for the software I use; I just want to know what the cost is before I architect a complex environment.

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Question of the Day

Today's Question:

I execute:

SET LANGUAGE us_english

I create a table  as

(Id INT,Xday VARCHAR(20))

Which contains the following data

Id   Xday
1    25-DEC-2013 00:00:00
2    25DEC2013 00:00:00
3    2013DEC32 00:00:00

I then execute the following T-SQL Statements

-- SELECT #1

-- SELECT #2

SELECT  the five (5) correct answers

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Yesterday's Question of the Day

I have the following table:

CREATE TABLE [dbo].[Customer](
     [CustomerID] [int] IDENTITY(1,1) NOT NULL,
     [FirstName] [varchar](25) NOT NULL,
     [LastName] [varchar](25) NOT NULL,
     [PhoneNumber] [varchar](15) NOT NULL

It contains the following data.

CustomerID FirstName  LastName   PhoneNumber

1          jeff       Jones      555-440-2323

2          Steve      Moden      555-440-2323

I have the following settings


I create the following VIEW

SELECT CustomerID,FirstName,LastName,PhoneNumber
FROM dbo.Customer


I then execute the following:


 SET PhoneNumber = '999-888-4343'
 WHERE CustomerId = 2

Is the phone number for Steve Moden Updated?

Answer: No - an error message is returned

Explanation: If SET NUMERIC_ROUNDABORT is ON, CREATE, UPDATE, INSERT, and DELETE statements on tables with indexes on computed columns or indexed views will fail.


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Update Trigger to Store Only Updated Column and Former Value

History table needs individual rows for each column that has been updated, i.e., a column history. More »

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