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Pushing SQL Alerts to Remote Server using PowerShell 2 and T-SQL

Managing log files in a large enterprise environment can be an overwhelming task. In this article I will show you how to automate some of the work using SQL Alerts and Powershell 2.0 More »

SQL Saturday #154 | St.Louis, MO

Sept 15th, 2012 at the CAIT Campus of Washington University in St.Louis - 5 Jackson Avenue, Clayton, MO 63105 SQL Saturday #154 is the very first SQL Saturday event in the St.Louis area. It is a free one day event for SQL Server professionals and those wanting to learn about SQL Server. We are planning on a 4 track event with 200 attendees. We currently have several sessions aligned towards Database Administration, Application Development, Business Intelligence and professional Development Tracks. We also have several sessions focused on SQL Server 2012! Please visit our event website for more details and free registration. More »

How to Audit Login Changes on a SQL Server

I've been charged with coming up with a quick solution to audit login changes on my SQL Servers. However, there's no budget so I'm going to have to come up with basic scripts and the like to do the work. Is this tip we cover a solution for you to audit login changes. More »

From the SQLServerCentral Blogs - SQL Audit 201 – Creating an Audit Solution

Welcome back, folks! Ok so, now that we’ve covered the basics of creating a SQL Audit and viewing the output, let’s... More »

Editorial - Code Reviews Must Be Brutally Honest

Today we have a guest editorial from Hakim Ali. 

This post was prompted by a code review session I attended recently. The code in question involved T-SQL stored procedures. There were five database developers in the room, looking over different components of an application we had divided up and coded amongst ourselves.

The raison d’être of a code review is to improve your code, to find things that the original coder may have missed and suggest ways of improving them. You do not go into a code review looking for an ego boost via validation that everything you did was right. You do not go into a code review fearing that others may find something wrong with your code. You definitely do not go into code review with a defensive and protective mindset, not open to critiques. And yet that is exactly what I encountered from one participant.

When this participant's code was being looked at, and one or two of us pointed out some things that he could have done in a more efficient manner, he started stonewalling and defending a position that we all (himself included, very likely) knew was wrong. Now I am not suggesting at all that you should not defend your position if you truly believe you are right. But when you know you are wrong and you do not accept it, what do you gain by the exercise? Why waste everybody's time, if you are not willing to be reviewed? Our friend made it clear that he was not going to be receptive to constructive criticism, and the atmosphere in the session almost immediately turned from one of camaraderie to sullen silences. I knew the rest of the session would be wasted time.

I look forward to being shown that I did something wrong, it helps me improve as a developer. A code review is a fantastic opportunity to look into other developers' minds, and to have peers suggest ways for you to improve your work. Why would anybody be resistant to that? I would be vastly disappointed if my code were being reviewed and nobody showed me ways of improving it.

The attitude above is largely from the perspective of the "reviewee". From the reviewer's point of view too, brutal honesty is the way to go. If you hold back as a reviewer because you do not want to hurt somebody's feelings, you have probably just done everybody in the room a disservice. You are a participant in the meeting for your technical abilities, to look over other developers' work and find any errors or inefficiencies. If you fail to do that, you have failed in your task to help develop the best product or service you can put out. I am not advocating that you should look to be mean and give other coders a hard time. Just be honest. Brutally honest.

Egos, feelings, false pride - these really should not come into the code review session. Check them at the door, and focus on one thing only: building the best software that can be built with the resources at hand. If you are lucky, somebody may just show you a way of doing something better, and help you find some coding Zen.

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Question of the Day

Today's Question:

In SQL Server 2012 RTM, which of the following are valid index types?

Note that some index types may require additional attributes to be specified; this does not invalidate them for the context of this question. Only index types that include illegal attribute combinations or non existing attributes should be discarded. Also note that this question is not about the exact spelling of the various options.

This is a question with multiple correct answers. Please select 3.

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SQL Server Execution Plans

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Yesterday's Question of the Day

CREATE TABLE #tmpTable(Fld1 CHAR(1))
INSERT INTO #tmptable VALUES ('1')

DECLARE @str1 varchar(50)
DECLARE @str2 varchar(50)
DECLARE @str3 varchar(50)
DECLARE @str4 varchar(50)

SET @str1 = 'select count(*) from #tmpTable -- where Fld1 =0'
SET @str2 = 'select count(*) from #tmpTable --' + CHAR(13) + 'where Fld1 =0'
SET @str3 = 'select count(*) from #tmpTable /*' + CHAR(13) + 'where Fld1 =0 */'
SET @str4 = 'select count(*) from #tmpTable --/*' + CHAR(13) + 'where Fld1 =0 --*/'


SELECT 'str1', @str1
SELECT 'str2', @str2
SELECT 'str3', @str3
SELECT 'str4', @str4
DROP TABLE #tmpTable 
What are the results?

Answer: 1,0,1,0

Explanation: The string char(13) will cause a carriage. This creates some interesting effects. The first query executes fine, showing a 1 since the WHERE clause is commented out. The second query has a carriage return, which cancels the comment and the WHERE clause is executed. The third query is executes fine. The fourth query comments out the comment, but since the comment is run first, and it runs returning a 0.

Ref: -- Comment -
/* */ Comment -

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SQL Wait Stats Joes 2 Pros

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spwho2 cleaned up script

spwho2 results minus the Background and Sleeping rows.  More »

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