SQL Server News for 2007-11-19

Editorial - The Weekly News for November 19, 2007

Some quick hits on the news of the week from the perspective of a DBA.


It's out, or it should be by the time you get this. It was on Connect for some people and should appear on MSDN by Monday. Intellisense and more as documented by daniel_walzenbach. This has been a long time in coming, but it's still missing stuff. I heard there's no cluster support, though I'm not sure you want to run a cluster on beta software. There are definitely people that need to test this stuff, so hopefully that's coming soon.

If you're testing against 2005 with the idea of upgrading, I'd really grab this CTP and re-run your tests against that. Without time critical reasons to upgrade, you might want to just hold off for SQL Server 2008.


How about a 1.6TB solid state drive for your tempdb? Or data. or logs, or any part of your database server.

This is actually a series of 16GB drives that are stacked togethre, but it's a preview of things to come. An 8GB USB key is running about US$100 now, and that's for a low speed flash drive. I predict that at some point in the next 7 years we'll see Solid State Disks (SSDs) available on most servers we buy.

More cool posts

Conference season continues, with Paul Randal and Kim Trip in Barcelona. Check out some interesting posts on mirroring. There are also a couple security related posts that talk about issues with encrypted databases from Laurentiu Cristofor. Check them out if you use encryption and you might want to subscribe to his blog.

Non Competes

There was a question about a non-compete argeement that got posted to Slashdot (and eWeek comment) and prompted quite a few issues with the process. It's an interesting debate and you might want to check it out, but personally I think that a company should have the right to a non-compete over some length of time.

However it should be spelled out clearly in which areas you can't compete and it needs to allow sufficient freedom for the employee to continue to work elsewhere. I'll write a bit more on that as I've been involved in an internal debate about these things. Comments are welcome.

Corporate Blogging

Is it a good idea? Can you make it work? I had someone contact me about policies for their corporate blog since they wanted to get started, and I'm sorry to say that I haven't seen a good policy. This week there was an article about corporate blogging as a way to transfer information. I'm not sure that's the best way and I can see this scheme falling apart.

First a blog is raw, it's unedited, it's quick, dirty, and provides a way to publish stuff without the overhead of an editor and publisher. If you add those guys in, which you need to do for CEOs and anyone distributing official information, then you're publishing an article, press release, or memo. Do that, set up an RSS feed, and call it what it is.

Second, I think for knowledge sharing, you're better off with an internal WIKI that consolidates stuff together from multiple people. Blogs are one to many, and they're self promoting. Not that I don't want to see them, but I don't see them as a corporate communication vehicle.

Wanna work here?

I appplaud Sun's efforts to save energy. It might be just marketing that's driving them, but they're really making an effort. In fact, they're looking to build a data center in a mine. With their Blackbox product, they'll put 10,000 cores down there and use the natural temperatures and ground water to keep things cool.

However I'm not working there. It's not a bad idea to reuse some of these facilities and maybe we'll see West Virginia become a computing powerhouse with all their mines, but there's no way I'm working in one. My kids laughed at me when I stopped about 50ft inside an old gold mine here in Colorado.

Fine by me; I was at my limit.

News and Podcast Notes

Just a quick reminder, this week is Thanksgiving, so I'm putting out my Jedi Mind Trick abliities to make it a slow SQL Server news week. You will not blog until after the 24th of November; you have no need to blog until after the 24th of November.

I'll be in the mountains on vacation next weekend and I'm not sure we'll get a podcast done, so don't count on one. Maybe some skiing footage :)

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Steve's Pick of the Week

Next Generation PC Design - an interesting contest by Microsoft. Personally I kind of like the bookshelf PC, especially if we can "dock" items like USB drives, iPods, etc. If you've got some creativity, submit something.

The Voice of the DBA Podcasts


The podcast feeds are now available on the Podshow network at voiceofthedba.com to get better bandwidth and maybe a little more exposure :). Comments are definitely appreciated and wanted, and you can get feeds from there.

The RSS Feed: or now on iTunes!

Today's podcast features music by Incompetech. Kevin Macleod has some great compositions in all genres of music. Check him out at www.incompetech.com.

I really appreciate and value feedback on the podcasts. Let us know what you like, don't like, or even send in ideas for the show. If you'd like to comment, post something here. The boss will be sure to read it.

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The Weekly News

All the headlines and interesting SQL Server information that we've collected over the past week, and sometimes even a few repeats if we think they fit. These headlines are gathered throughout the week and are posted in real time at the website. Check there for information throughout the week or enjoy this weekly summary of the SQL Server world.

Tech News : Data Mining/Warehousing

Cognos buy a defensive move for IBM - IBM's plan to purchase Cognos is a defensive move for the company, which was under ...(more)

American ITIL – Winning The Metadata Contest - Old metadata campaigners understand the difficulty in establishing a metadata management ...(more)

Tech News : General Interest

Smart Phone Suggests Things to Do - The mobile phone has long ceased being a simple two-way communication device: today's ...(more)

Improving Fuel Cells for Cars - A new method for making materials just a few atoms thick could pave the way to automotive ...(more)

Fixing the "clear mismatch" between technology and copyright law: six ideas - A lobby group from the free-speech, fair-use side of the tracks just presented a ...(more)

"Speaking English" harder than just speaking English - Some years ago, when crossing the Green Line that splits Cyprus in two, I made a ...(more)

Tech News : Security

Study: Many Retailers Easy To Hack - Half of more than 3,000 retail stores that a wireless security company secretly ...(more)

A Rogues Gallery of Data Protection Miscreants - Protecting data has become a top priority for most IT personnel, including storage ...(more)

Report: Korean Execs Stole $1.8B in Trade Secrets - Company leaders allegedly defected to rival company with 900 documents loaded onto ...(more)

Ex-FBI, CIA employee pleads guilty to computer crime - A former employee of the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation and Central Intelligence ...(more)

Researcher: Half a million database servers have no firewall - Think your database server is safe? You may want to double-check. According to security ...(more)

Federal IT pros insecure over security - If a new poll sponsored by Cisco is to be considered an accurate indicator of the ...(more)

Problem-driver database gets ticketed for security flaws - The U.S. Department of Transportation isn't adequately protecting personal data ...(more)

Is Your CEO a Cybercrime Target? - A CFO at a Fortune 1000 company holds his cursor over an e-mail that appears to ...(more)

IBM Invests $1.5 Billion in New Security Initiative - IBM has established its deep knowledge of security in hardware and middleware partly ...(more)

Cops 2.0: law enforcement wants to become better at digital snooping - Many of today's US police departments have computer forensics teams on hand that ...(more)

George Clooney, Identity and Access Management and You - You may have more in common with George Clooney than you think. It's possible that ...(more)

Tech News

Preserving One Web - The W3C hopes that its new tool will help developers build websites that will work ...(more)

Why Can't I Compete? Clearing the Noncompete Haze - Noncompete agreements are rampant in the tech industry and most workers have no ...(more)

Dell to Offer Sun's Solaris, OpenSolaris in Servers - Erstwhile bitter rivals Dell and Sun Microsystems are set to announce that Sun's ...(more)

10 career killers to avoid - Like other types of workers, IT professionals can be vulnerable to committing career ...(more)

XP inventor talks about agile programming - Recognized as the inventor of XP (Extreme Programming) and a co-author of the Agile ...(more)

The Devils in the Design - What if a software developer wants to put a security flaw in your enterprise's applications? ...(more)

Want To Save The Planet? Turn Off That PC - Reports that PCs and monitors alone contribute 40% of total carbon emissions are ...(more)

PostgreSQL Advocates Press On - Advocates of PostgreSQL say the open-source database is continuing to slowly win ...(more)

Google Programs Android as Next Mobile Operating System - Google will make a software developer kit for Android available within a week to ...(more)

IBM offers Cash for Greener Data Centers - IBM has teamed up with energy auditing firm Neuwing Energy to offer customers Energy ...(more)

Tech News : The Lighter Side

November's coolest gadgets - The hundreds of thousands of people entering the Tokyo Motor Show are getting a ...(more)

SQL Server News

Microsoft gives first peek at Sync Framework - Microsoft on Monday issued the first preview of the Sync Framework, a way for software ...(more)

SQL Server News : WebCasts

Webcast: SQL Server Performance Counter Guidance - Monday, November 19, 2007
9:30 AM Pacific Time
Monitoring performance ...(more)

Webcast: Extending and Customizing SQL Server Data Mining - ...(more)

Webcast: Deliver Actionable Insight Throughout Your Organization with Data Mining (Part 2 of 3) - Thursday, November 15, 2007
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Webcast: A "Sneak Peek" Overview of SQL Server 2008 - Tuesday, November 13, 2007
11:00 AM Pacific Time
Join us for this Microsoft ...(more)

Microsoft News

Microsoft delays 2008 WinHEC event by six months - ...(more)

Microsoft Updates Windows Embedded CE - Microsoft today launched an updated version of its Windows Embedded CE platform ...(more)

Microsoft goes mod with campus expansion - Microsoft is in the midst of a massive expansion to its Seattle area campus and ...(more)

Gates oversees his last annual meeting as chairman - In his last shareholder meeting as full-time chairman, Bill Gates talked about coming ...(more)

Microsoft's OneCare 2.0 due next week - Major update to Windows Live OneCare security suite has new tools for backing up, ...(more)

Microsoft Officials Detail Visual Studio 2008 Rollout Plan - In announcing today that it will release to manufacturing Visual Studio 2008 this ...(more)

Microsoft Offers Free Enterprise Search Product - Microsoft is ratcheting up its enterprise search play with a new offering, Microsoft ...(more)

Microsoft News : Patches, Bugs

Microsoft Windows DNS Service Cache Poisoning Vulnerability - A vulnerability has been reported in Microsoft Windows, which can be exploited by ...(more)

Microsoft Sysinternals DebugView Dbgv.sys Privilege Escalation - A vulnerability has been reported in Microsoft Sysinternals DebugView, which can ...(more)

Microsoft News : Security

Microsoft Issues Free Security Tool for Office - ...(more)

Windows Users Getting Bitten by Macrovision Zero Day - Microsoft is working with Macrovision to check out a flaw in a driver on Windows ...(more)

Hardware News

AMD casting Spider's web on upcoming processors - New platform uses cards, processor -- including quad-core Phenom -- and a chip set ...(more)

Dell revamps PowerEdge line of servers - Dell's new PowerEdge servers use the Penryn chip and are designed to consume less ...(more)

Cray to Introduce 2 Supercomputers - Cray is preparing to bring two new supercomputers to market next year as it continues ...(more)

Blogs : Analysis Services / BI

Enterprise Cube - Picked up from Dan Meyers and Peter Koller, it looks like Microsoft are working ...(more)

Manipulating and Massaging Data in Excel - Today’s author: Chad Rothschiller, a program manager on the Excel team. Chad is ...(more)

Enterprise Search and BI - I notice from various sources (for example, Don Dodge) that Microsoft have released ...(more)

Viewing Partition Slice Information - The other week I discovered that it was possible to view the partition slice information ...(more)

SSAS: Connecting via HTTP on Windows Vista - Microsoft has a couple of articles on how to set up HTTP connectivity for SSAS, ...(more)

Blogs : Career

SQLAuthority News - SQL Joke, SQL Humor, SQL Laugh - Database Dilbert - ...(more)

Becoming a DBA, Part II - This is a follow-up to part I from last week. You've considered what you want to ...(more)

Blogs : Database Design, Theory and Development

Columnar Databases - Josh Jones, all around good guy and author of an upcoming book on database design, ...(more)

Will the Real Null Please Stand Up? Part 1 - Thinking more about null, I seems to me that the primary problem with nulls is that ...(more)

Nondeterministic UPDATE - Under the description for UPDATE in SQL Server 2000 and 2005 Books Online, you can ...(more)

Conference Questions Pot-Pourri #5: Database snapshots, and creating a snapshot of a single filegroup - One of the sessions we did yesterday at IT Forum was an Instructor-Led Lab on database ...(more)

Database management for "big science" applications - ...(more)

CHECKDB From Every Angle: Why would CHECKDB run out of space? - This is a question that came up yesterday in out Disaster Recovery class so I'm ...(more)

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Blogs : Events

A Couple Days With Joe Celko - We were lucky enough to have Joe come to Orlando to speak at SQLSaturday and we ...(more)

Blogs : High Availability/Disaster Recovery

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Who's got your DB's back? - While I was reviewing one of the sessions from the PASS Community Summit using the ...(more)

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Blogs : Integration Services

3 Tips when using (SQL) Indirect Configurations - In my case I like to hold the configuration info in SQL Server rather than XML files, ...(more)

SSIS: Dynamically set a checkpoint file location - Someone recently asked me if it was possible to dynamically set the location of ...(more)

Katmai: SSIS: Lookup component gets a makeover - Just like Andrea Merkel, Tottenham Hotspur and Britney Spears' career, the Lookup ...(more)

Data Flows and Problems with Partial Inserts - For a data flow task using the fast load option I had assumed that the process copies ...(more)

But I only wanted one log file! - Suppose you are using a Log File into which you do your logging. Setting it up is ...(more)

Coping with No Column Names in the OLEDB Data Source Editor - Sooner or later you'll create a DataFlow and come across this type of dialog box ...(more)

Dryad - I've been meaning to talk on here about Dryad for a while but I've been busy elsewhere ...(more)

SSIS Design Pattern - ETL Instrumentation, Part 2 - This post is part of a series of posts on ETL Instrumentation. In Part 1 we built ...(more)

Using the SSIS OLE-DB command on non friendly destinations (iSeries DB2) - At the risk of becoming pigeonholed as the guy who only posts about SSIS and iSeries ...(more)

Deploying packages - ...(more)

Blogs : LINQ

Unearthing LINQ’s hidden gems - part 1 - I was writing a little application using Visual Studio 2008 today and came across ...(more)

Blogs : Performance and Tuning

How Not To Outgrow Your DB Infra: A Simple Setup - Whether you're an experienced DBA or about to embark into the world of database ...(more)

Data Types of Parameters and Execution Plans - In a previous blog, I mentioned a performance problem that I've been working on ...(more)

Find table and index name for fragmented indexes - Got this question from a newsgroup today. The answer is pretty simple, just use ...(more)

Why not use compressed disk files or disk volumes - When we think of compressing the database, one of the first question that pops up ...(more)

Estimating the space savings with data compression - Like I had indicated in my previous blog, it is recommended that you estimate compression ...(more)

Disk Queue Length: Some Data Points may Help! - There has been much discussion on the usefulness of disk queue length as an indicator ...(more)

Auto-shrink – turn it OFF! - In the Database Maintenance workshop we did at SQL Connections last week I promised ...(more)

CHECKDB From Every Angle: Tips and tricks for interpreting CHECKDB output - Last week at SQL Connections someone said that CHECKDB’s output is ‘useless’. Given ...(more)

JDBC: When Good Prepared Statements go Bad - I've been doing some performance comparisons of JDBC from Java with ADO.Net from ...(more)

How can data-type choice affect performance? - In one of the sessions Kimberly and I taught this week at SQL Connections, we discussed ...(more)

Map SQL Server Profiler EventClass ID to its name in a saved trace table - If you've ever worked with SQL Server profiler then you're familiar with the EventClass ...(more)

New Mobile Merge Replication Benchmarks - I just finished up a week of teaching attendees at the Dev Connections conference ...(more)

Full Text Indexing Overhead - I think that there's a tendency among DBAs and SQL Server wonks to be a bit dismissive ...(more)

Filegroups Part I - Dividing Data for Performance - It never fails to surprise me how rarely filegroups are leveraged in client installations. ...(more)

Conference Questions Pot-Pourri #3: unexpected index rebuild results and bulk-logged operations - A couple more questions from the last couple of classes. 1) Why doesn't performing ...(more)

Blogs : Replication

Looking Inside the Log for Transactional Replication - As the name implies the log reader is responsible for reading the log on the publishing ...(more)

Blogs : Reporting Services

Reporting Service Execution Logging - - The Execution Log contains information of Report that executes across multiple ...(more)

Reporting Services Performance Optimization - ...(more)

Blogs : Security

SQL Server 2005: How to recover when the service master key (SMK) is not accessible - I wrote earlier today a reply on this topic on the public forums, but now that I ...(more)

SQL Server 2005: Restoring the backup of a database that uses encryption - I have addressed this topic in previous threads and comments (here, here, and here, ...(more)

Think holistically about securing your systems - A recent ZDNet article highlighted an event where two United Kingdom officials demonstrated ...(more)

The Sham of Criminal Profiling - Malcolm Gladwell makes a convincing case that criminal profiling is nothing more ...(more)

Blogs : SQL Server 2000

Why won't my log clear in SIMPLE recovery mode? SQL 2000 bug or very large VLFs - Quick post this morning before this gets knocked out of my head by the Disaster ...(more)

Blogs : SQL Server 2005

Shrinking a Database and Transaction Log Backups problem - Recently we purged millions of rows from a database as it was determined that we ...(more)

Are you using what you already have? - We get a lot of suggestions for our tools here at Microsoft. We get some really ...(more)

Did You Know? SP2 does NOT limit the amount of plan cache you can have - As I am preparing my talk for the UK SQL Server Users Group on November 16, I was ...(more)

Copying and pasting rectangular blocks of code in Visual Studio and Management Studio - One of the things I really like about teaching technical classes is getting to know ...(more)

Blogs : SQL Server 2008 (Katmai)

Katmai: SSMS: Intellisense arrives in SQL Server Management Studio - Hallelujah. Finally SQL Server Management Studio has caught up with the rest of ...(more)

Types of data compressions in SQL Server 2008 - ...(more)

Compression: Whats the difference between SQL2005 and SQL2008? - Looks like some folks are confused about the functionality and differences so let ...(more)

Blogs : T-SQL

Renaming Tables in a Transaction - A common method of ETL is to bulk load tables from a staging area into your production ...(more)

Some SELECTs will never return 0 rows -- regardless of the criteria - In SQL, the general rule of thumb is that the number of rows returned from a SELECT ...(more)

How Is Your Sensitive Data Encrypted In The Database? - Do you store encrypted data? If you do then how is it encrypted? Do you use the ...(more)

INTERCEPT In SQL 2005 - I was writing a query and managed to mistype INTERSECT, I typed INTERCEPT and to ...(more)

SQL Server 2008 T-SQL - you learn something new everyday - It's the little thing that make you smile. I am at TechEd this week at an excellent ...(more)

bcp Utility - There was a time that I avoided bcp utility like the plague. A few years ago, we ...(more)

SQL Teaser: Printing Without Using PRINT - ...(more)

Return Null If A Value Is A Certain Value - You need to return NULL only if the value of your data is a certain value. How do ...(more)

Recursive CTEs continued ... - In this post, I will finish the discussion of recursive CTEs that I began in my ...(more)

Varchar(Max) and ADO - Another note from a friend. They decided to upgrade a large varchar column to varchar(max) ...(more)

World's Simplest Recursive CTE? - At SQL PASS this year, I did a session about Common Table Expressions in SQL Server ...(more)

SQL Server 2008: Inheriting From a System Data Type? - Ever since the hierarchyid data type was introduced in SQL Server 2008 CTP4, there's ...(more)

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