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Thoughts on proposed volume configuration Expand / Collapse
Posted Monday, August 23, 2010 6:09 PM


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In the process of commissioning a new server and thought I'd see what everyone thought of this configuration.

The server will be used to host a 1 reasonably large OLTP database at around 40GB and several smaller ones <2gb. The main DB is fairly heavy on both reads and writes.

My questions are
1. am I losing anything by going RAID1+0 on the data and log vol for the main database?
2. would I be better off using with just either the data of log from the main db on the RAID1+0, and placing the tlog and random back ups on the other RAID vol?
3. Ditch RAID1+0 entirely and have a separate vols for the radom db's log and data files.

The random db's are largely web apps with little writes here and there, fair bit of reading, but nothing huge.

2x Disk RAID1 LogicalDisk1 – Local Server Disk Sysvol C: - Partition1
Sysvol2 D: - Partition2

4x Disk RAID1+0 (10) LogicalDisk2 – Array Disk Data File E:
4x Disk RAID1+0 (10) LogicalDisk3 – Array Disk Log File F:
2x Disk RAID1 LogicalDisk4 – Array Disk TempDB G:
2x Disk RAID1 LogicalDisk5 – Array Disk Transaction Log backups/ Random DBs(mdf/ldf) H:
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