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trying to export to .CSV with comma delimited AND double-quotes Expand / Collapse
Posted Friday, November 2, 2012 9:09 AM


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Thanks for the reply.
Yes, I tried the export wizard, which is what I use for casual one-off exports.
This is more complicated - three different files exported every day at a specific time (overnight), with a very specific naming convention, then posted to the client's FTP site.
For (at present) three different projects for this client.
Which is expected to expand to 32 projects. A year.
So I need a parameterized, robust solution where I can pass in a project code and have all the files created. With an outer container that will run through the project codes and apply the same logic to each.
So I need the SSIS variables to assemble the file names with the correct date and project code.
The T-SQL part is done - stored procedure, views - I just haven't had to dive this deeply into SSIS before. With any success.

I learned coding waaaaayyy back in VB days (1980s?) before moving to RDBMSs.
T-SQL has been very forgiving about datatype conversions; SSIS is not.
I'm only slowly learning how to think in this paradigm. I'm trying NOT to bring DTS tricks (file scripting object) to SSIS and learn how to do it the new (or not so new) way - you can see my struggle in the posts. There's no money for classes or conferences and we are discouraged from buying books ("just google it!") - it's slow.

OK, there has to be a question here somewhere.

I have to pick up from yesterday after I get the am tasks done. Be back...

And I am *so* grateful for this online community...

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Posted Friday, November 2, 2012 9:35 AM



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What I would recommend is that you get your package working with a simple design and then just add the rest of the features and refinements one by one, testing all along the way.

Do not try to implement everything in one go - trying to track down what is going wrong will be too difficult.

Very best of luck.

Help us to help you. For better, quicker and more-focused answers to your questions, consider following the advice in this link.

When you ask a question (and please do ask a question: "My T-SQL does not work" just doesn't cut it), please provide enough information for us to understand its context.

If your posting includes some T-SQL code, please surround the code with IFCode formatting tags. It helps readability a lot.
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