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Posted Monday, October 5, 2009 6:31 AM

Ten Centuries

Ten CenturiesTen CenturiesTen CenturiesTen CenturiesTen CenturiesTen CenturiesTen CenturiesTen Centuries

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Jeff Moden (10/3/2009)
Heh... it doesn't matter if anything is bundled or not... you're still going to pay too much.
Preach it, brother!

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Posted Monday, October 5, 2009 8:29 AM



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I'm not sure we pay too much. There is some competition, and there's certainly demand. I wonder how things would work if we could al la carte things.

I'll tell you from owning my own business that we'd offer much less if we had to concentrate on what had the most demand. Sometimes you need those subsidies to bring about new business areas

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Posted Monday, October 5, 2009 9:04 AM
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In the old days when bandwidth for analog channels was fixed, bundling made sense. But with digital channels and improvements in bandwidth management, billing, monitoring, and other advances in pay-per-view, it gets harder to justify bundling.
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Posted Wednesday, December 18, 2013 9:33 AM

SSChasing Mays

SSChasing MaysSSChasing MaysSSChasing MaysSSChasing MaysSSChasing MaysSSChasing MaysSSChasing MaysSSChasing Mays

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Bundling in consumer products like music and TV does not make sense to me because it amounts to paying for incompetence (stuff nobody wants or very few buyers want) by making the competent more expensive (to subsidize the less desirable products). This may actually hurt the good products, because they now are more expensive than they could have been.

As for discovering new interests/music/TV because of bundles, that is not something you should be forced to pay for via a bundle. There are always avenues like Pandora and its variations, word-of-mouth and user reviews to spread the word about something good.

Hakim Ali
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Posted Thursday, December 19, 2013 3:30 PM


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The TV situation is mooted by the fact that delivery of content is heading (kicking and screaming) towards individual content purchases. I gave up on cable TV when I realized the handful of shows I did watch could be purchased through iTunes.

This content is streamed on demand, without commercials. The aggregate cost for a years worth of shows was less than two months of the cable subscription. Meanwhile, I have replaced my "random TV watching time" with random online video watching through sources such as YouTube.

I don't miss the traditional cable box, the traditional format for programming and have picked up a few hours a week of productive time to boot. I don't see bundling surviving unless it is made *cheaper* to get the content you want bundled than in this fashion.
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