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Common questions asked in SQL Server DBA Interview Expand / Collapse
Posted Friday, February 8, 2013 1:40 PM
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I was recently asked to provide questions to be asked for a production DBA. There are no good or bad answers, the person must have encountered most of the scenario’s with understanding on how things work & very quick to react on a highly stressful environment. Below are the questions I provided:Hope it helps

Database Back ups:
** What are the different types of database backups and specify the scenario that you have used in your experience?

High Availability:
** What are the high availability methods ?.Specify your experience and set up required for SQL Server in a clustered environment

DR :
** Specify your DR strategy experience and details for SQL server.
** Specify the steps to take when a database is corrupted (or) server is down (or) harddrive is corrupted.

Performance Tuning :
** All of a sudden a query is running slowly and there are no changes made to application/network or server environment. Based on your experience, specify the steps to debug the issue.

Maintenance Plan:
** Specify based on your experience what maintenance plans are required for a typical database.

** Specify your experience in Transaction replication?. Provide details on issues encountered and how to resolve it.

Data Dump:
** How do you migrate data from Prod to QA to Dev environment?

** How do you carve/select storage for each of the files below:
Data file
Log file
backup file

** How do you determine the size of a database based on your experience?

** Have you worked with secure data?. If so, how do you protect/encrypt the data?

Different types :
** Have you worked in an OLTP and Data warehouse DB’s?. if so, how is the set up different for each type

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Posted Tuesday, February 25, 2014 12:53 AM
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Check out below link for Interview Questions and answers for SQL Server DBA

Randheer Singh

CheckOut My Blog for SQL Server Realated Topics and Interview Questions for SSIS , SSRS and TSQL.
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Posted Saturday, April 5, 2014 6:25 PM



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Randheer (2/25/2014)
Check out below link for Interview Questions and answers for SQL Server DBA

The link didn't work even when I copied and pasted it. I did, however, find the questions on your site.

--Jeff Moden
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