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Changing Logon account for SQL Server Service using VBScript. Expand / Collapse
Posted Tuesday, April 7, 2009 5:24 AM
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I am trying to change the LogOn account for all SQL Server related services from LocalSystem to a domain account user details. I am using the below VBScript code, but doesn't work. It displays an error dialog box which says :

Line 14
Parameter is Incorrect
Error code : 80070057
Source : SWbemObjectEx

Can someone tell what is the solution please.

Set objNet = CreateObject("WScript.NetWork")

sLogin = objNet.UserDomain & "\" & objNet.UserName

sPwd = InputBox("Please enter your password for the " & sLogin & " to login as service for SQL Server: ")

Set oWMI = GetObject( "winmgmts:\\.\root\cimv2" )
Set oServices = oWMI.ExecQuery("SELECT * FROM Win32_Service WHERE DisplayName like 'SQL%' and StartName = 'LocalSystem'", "WQL")
For each oService in oServices
Wscript.Echo "Service Name :" & oService.Name
Set oSQLService = GetObject("winmgmts:\\.\root\Microsoft\SqlServer\ComputerManagement:SqlService.ServiceName='" & oService.Name & "',SQLServiceType=1")
iError = oSQLService.SetServiceAccount sLogin, sPwd)
If (iError <> 0) Then
Wscript.Echo "Error"
Wscript.Echo "Success"
End If
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