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Posted Monday, April 21, 2008 2:49 AM
Right there with Babe

Right there with BabeRight there with BabeRight there with BabeRight there with BabeRight there with BabeRight there with BabeRight there with BabeRight there with Babe

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Hi all,

I have SQL Server 2000 Standard Edition Build 8.00818(SP3) Running on Windows 2003 Standard Edition SP2. I run Perfmon on this server getting the following counter:

SQLServer:Memory Manager\Target Server Memory(KB)
SQLServer:Memory Manager\Total Server Memory (KB)

The value gathered for these two counters always equal, around ~1,679,000KB

The server has 4GB RAM.

I check the Maximum memory allocation in EM and it set to 4095MB with zero minimum,

When I check thru QA, sp_configure, the value is as follow:

min server memory (MB) 0 2147483647 0 0
max server memory (MB) 4 2147483647 2147483647 2147483647

set working set size 0 1 0 0

It just show that thru EM, the value is different from value from QA. Is this the cause why the two counters above always have the same value?

I know the standard edition of SQL 2000 only utilized 2GB so I am assuming the memory usage of the server always > 50% because of other memory usage such as OS's. Is this the correct thinking?

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Posted Monday, June 30, 2008 1:04 AM


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Target Server Memory (KB) - Total amount of dynamic memory the server can consume.
Total Server Memory (KB) - The committed memory from the buffer pool (in kilobytes)
When both value is the same, it indicates that your sql is probably not being stressed too much since the amount of memory sql needs and memory available to sql is the same. If you google up the above, you'll probably get a better definition of what the counter stands for.

max server memory (MB) 4 2147483647 2147483647 2147483647

Based on your QA sp_configure, it means that your sql is configured to use as much memory as it could obtain, in this case is only 2GB max since its a SQL Standard edition.

If you check the memory allocation via EM, the slider is at 4095MB because the max memory value is set to 2147483647 which the slider indicates you've not fixed sql server memory usage and nothing more. If you try to fix sql to consume 2.5GB of memory, you'll see an entry in the error log stating sql cant allocate 2.5GB and via perfmon, you'll still be looking at ~1.6GB memory.

Hope this shed some lights to your question.


Simon Liew
Microsoft Certified Master: SQL Server 2008
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