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Anyone any experience of Quest ActiveRoles QuickConnect? Expand / Collapse
Posted Thursday, March 13, 2008 6:00 AM

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For some time now, we've been running Quest's ActiveRoles product for administering our Active Directory, and it's been generally fine. However, one area where we're hitting significant performance issues is with their QuickConnect module, where you can create scheduled tasks to update multiple AD objects based on data sources outside AD.

This isn't a pure database tuning question, since in database terms I know exactly why the performance is lousy - a task for mapping 658 user names in an OLEDB data source to associated AD user objects is creating huge numbers of records in an already large table (StoredRequests table, 340 users mapped equating to approx 27,000 new storedrequests records), and the application's placing a very heavy reliance on cursors. However, I obviously can't change the way the application is written, so the DML thrown at the database is what it is. What I'm far more interested in is whether anyone else here has had experience of administering a SQL db that underpins an ActiveRoles environment, and how they've got on.

For reference, we're currently running ActiveRoles v5.2.5 against a SQL 2000 server, and are waiting for Quest to get rid of some of the more virulent bugs in ActiveRoles v6x before we upgrade (allowing us to migrate the db to SQL2k5).

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Posted Tuesday, November 5, 2013 8:04 AM
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I don't know with what Version of QuickConnect you work and what Kind of DB is behind, but if you have SQL DB you can attach Quick Connect directly from DB --> AD or through ActiveRoles...

As i see you have not only a very old ActiveRoles Version but also the DB's are not really up to date.

i would recommend you the following if you can do. Install the actual Version of Quick Connect Sync Engine 5.3 with the actual Base Systems 2.2 and the new Active Directory Express 5.4 connectors...

So you can sync the data from your database, you can choose from (MS SQL, MySQL, DB 2, Oracle, still have OLEDB, ODBC) and directly sync to AD.. without Active Roles in the middle.. because the Version is too old...

Kind regards
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