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Posted Friday, March 7, 2008 10:24 AM


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I would like to see the member properties in a table. In excel I can see the member properties in a pivot table in the row or column but I would like to see them in an mdx grid. The statement I use is running good:

SELECT NON EMPTY [Dossier].[Nummer].[Dossiercode].MEMBERS PROPERTIES [Dossier].[Nummer].[Dossiercode].[Klant Achternaam],
[Dossier].[Nummer].[Dossiercode].[Klant Voorletters], [Dossier].[Nummer].[Dossiercode].[Klant Geboortedatum], [Dossier].[Nummer].[Dossiercode].[Klant Geslacht],
[Dossier].[Nummer].[Dossiercode].[Datum Aanmelding], [Dossier].[Nummer].[Dossiercode].[Datum Annulering], [Dossier].[Nummer].[Dossiercode].[Datum Startzorg],
[Dossier].[Nummer].[Dossiercode].[Datum Eindezorg], [Dossier].[Nummer].[Dossiercode].[Klant Aantaldossiers],
[Dossier].[Nummer].[Dossiercode].[Productcluster Omschrijving] ON COLUMNS

FROM [JZAA_Main_Dim]
[Boekdatum].[Maand].[All Maanden].[2007].[Q4 2007].[Dec 2007],
[Kengetallen].[All Kengetallen].[AanmeldingZA],
[Organisatie].[Structuur].[All Organisatiestructuur].[Zorgaanbieder].[MOC]

The result set is the dossiernumber on the column header just as expected but I do not see the member properties. How can i make them visible?

Menno van Leewen
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