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RS SP2 install RSCLIENTPrint via cab file, is there an MSI? Expand / Collapse
Posted Friday, September 25, 2009 6:59 PM
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Erik-496633 (7/31/2009)
As a temporary fix, you could help the user to know how to print it to PDF and then to print the report from the PDF file?

Yea i already did that. That was the first thing i did during training lol. IF ALL ELSE FAIL export > PDF and save to a dir and then print

Erik-496633 (7/31/2009)
Wonder what would happen if you delete that CLSID from the Registry?

Does IE8 perform this way on that computer?

I dont know if it works like that though i can try it on my LOCAL machine, but then again if it does work, i dont have time to go do it on all 100+ pcs that is located all around the world in different locations and im sure their local IT wouldnt be too happy with me editing the list and reg hacking it.

Luke L (7/31/2009)
jdmstar (7/31/2009)
Found the kill bits list through the registry and was able to locate the CLSID, which is:


Dont know what good that would do me though.

Yes this is the ClsID for the old one that will no longer work on a machine that is patched and up to date.

You could theoretically undo the Killbit that has been set for that CLSID to get it working again, but I would not recommend it. Every month it seems MS is releasing a new set of Killbits. I don't know for sure but I was under the impression that a good number of them are cumulative, so you'd need to reset the killbit every month. That sounds like a maintenance headache to me.

Is there a business reason why you haven't upgraded your reporting services instance to SP3? I really think that do that coupled with downloading the new activex control will go a long way towards solving your problem.


The reason is because YES we manage the servers but it is located within a company, and they manage their own PCs so if they update their pcs then obviously we would have to get a memo of this and update or patch our server, but you know how these things work. I didnt get any word of any updates and ALL i got was a crap load of help mail saying the reports wont print.

And we access our servers via VPN so its hard enough to RDP and put files on the server to launch when their network is super locked down.
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Posted Saturday, September 26, 2009 6:52 AM


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Not sure how much time you've spent on this, but at some point I reckon it is better to stop spending time on it and get a definite answer.

To find a definitive answer and resolution, you can call Microsoft Support directly. I've done it a number of times when the issue is urgent and could not wait, or when spending more time on it was not a wise choice.

If you call, it is a $259 call, but they'll definitely resolve it for you, to your satisfaction...
If you email, it is $99, and if you can effectively communicate via email, that's a good option too.

(Select SQL Server from the list on this page)

Phone (in USA):
(800) 936-4900

If you go this route and end up finding a great way to distribute the SSRS ActiveX Print Control, please let us know what they give you as a solution. I'm about to deploy SSRS 2008, so I'd like to know what Microsoft says, if you call...
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Posted Friday, April 19, 2013 2:41 PM
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Would you mind posting your source code/project so that we can easily update for 2012
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