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Posted Wednesday, October 12, 2005 5:14 PM



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Also, one little know tip for the Quick Launch menu, re-size the toolbar so that only the double arrows are visible, if you click the arrows a popup menu appears and you can select your shortcut from the menu. Below is a screenshot of how this looks on my home computer with the toolbar title visible.

That would certainly save task bar space, especially if you have other tool bars. I can't get my QuickLaunch bar that small though - the smallest it will go is 3 icons wide. Is there some trick to make it smaller?

You need to show the toolbar title. The title comes from the folder name, so just make it a short name.


Hope this helps
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Posted Wednesday, October 12, 2005 10:49 PM
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Of course, there is always another way to start QA

How about creating an association to a script file extension - I guess most of us use .SQL.  The association can be set via the QA Options - General Tab.  Set "Select SQL Query Analyser as the default editor ... etc" to true.  Then a simple "double-click" of the script file from Windows Explorer initiates the loading of QA.  Make sure you choose the correct database before executing the script.

There is a down side to this if you use an external text editor for creating scripts.  Obviously, that editor will no longer act as the double-click default.  To overcome this, there is always the "open With" option when you right-click a script file.  WinXP will remember this after the first time it is done (you may have to go through selecting a program the first time it is done) so that QA always appears as an option thereafter.

It is also not a great method if you are working with multiple databases/servers.  But for DBAs predominantly working on a single database it certainly provides a fast method of opening QA with the added advantage of already displaying the script you want.

So there you have YAC - yet another choice - just what everyone needs.


Rowan Shattky
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