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MCSE Data Platform 2012 and salary Expand / Collapse
Posted Thursday, August 28, 2014 8:27 AM


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This might just be me and my uptight British ways , but I'm not going to disclose my salary. I'm pretty happy with it though.

From my fairly recent experience of job-hunting (in London), having the certification didn't really make any difference. Some employers used it as a quick way to filter out applicants, and it's something that they liked applicants to have, but no more than that. Experience is more important.

One thing that I think does have a bearing on the sorts of salaries you can command is the size of the environments you've been working in, so you'd probably command a bit more money if you have a few years' experience as a DBA in a large investment bank with a complex setup than if you've only ever worked in a small enterprise with just a couple of small databases, even if you ran the whole department on your own.

It's certainly not a bad thing to do to go for the certification, but you may not see much immediate change in your salary because of it, that's all.
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Posted Thursday, August 28, 2014 9:04 AM
SSC Journeyman

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Koen Verbeeck (8/28/2014)

A lot of stuff is the same, regardless of 2012 or 2008R2 (especially the XML stuff they pester you with on the exams).
There is of course the new stuff, but I believe it's beneficial you learn that as well.
After all, I doubt you will be on 2008R2 for the rest of your career.

If it's almost the same, then it really doesn't matter eh? :D

But seriously, I don't think they offer a lot of the 2012 just yet for the courses I'm taking for free. If they do, I would likely take both just because it's free.
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Posted Tuesday, September 23, 2014 11:03 AM
Mr or Mrs. 500

Mr or Mrs. 500Mr or Mrs. 500Mr or Mrs. 500Mr or Mrs. 500Mr or Mrs. 500Mr or Mrs. 500Mr or Mrs. 500Mr or Mrs. 500

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Someday you may interview for a job in an all SQL 2014 environment, and a SQL 2012 Certification is going to look a lot more relevent than a 2008 Cert.
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