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Posted Friday, July 18, 2014 12:19 AM
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Hi Experts,

I am very new in SSRS.
I am passing some id's to a URL through reporting servies. Based upon those id's URL site bring some data for only those ids which i just pass throught SSRS. IE can accept 2083 charactors in URL. any idea how can i do this. please see the code which has been written.Here ToCommentLineID having 270 ids and one id is 8 char long(8*270=2160)

LEN(First(Fields!CommentLineID.Value, "ToCommentLineID"))
,"void('" & Parameters!URLForm.Value & "&p1="& First(Fields!CommentLineID.Value, "ToCommentLineID") & "&p2=" & Code.Crypter(UCase(User!UserID)) & "','_blank','location=no,toolbar=no,left=100,top=100,height=600,width=800'))"
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Posted Thursday, July 31, 2014 7:11 AM


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I have two hypothetical ideas, but whether either of them would work is dependant upon the data type of the IDs and the structure of the data.

* If the IDs are integer values, perhaps you can convert the values to hexadecimal or some other numeric equivalent that requires fewer characters to convey the same value.

* If there are dependencies between the IDs (for example, if "A" has a certain value, then "B" will always have a fixed value or be within a limited range of values), then perhaps it would be possible to create surrogate keys that reduce the total number of permutations and thus fewer parameters to pass.

Neither of these is a simple solution, and possibly neither is practical. Whatever solution you find, it will likely require some creative thinking and outside-the-box ingenuity. So if (when) you find a solution and successfully implement it, please post your answer here so that others can benefit too from what you discover.

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