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Partitioning Master and 4 child tables in SQL Server 2014 Expand / Collapse
Posted Saturday, July 5, 2014 1:49 PM
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Hi All,
I have 6 tables which are very huge in row count and need to be partitioned for better manageability.

Little info: Every day, 300 Million records are inserted and 300 million records are deleted in below 7 tables. we maintain only 8 days worth of data in below tables which is the reason records which are older than 8 days are continuously deleted.

Master table which has [ID],[Timestamp]
Table Name: Sample - 2,578,106

Child tables: Foreign key [ID] is common for all the tables. There is no timestamp column in child table.
dbo.ConnectionDB - 1,147,578,048
dbo.ConnectionSS - 876,458,321
dbo.ConnectionRT - 118,133,857
dbo.ConnectionSample - 100,038,535
dbo.Command - 100,032,235

I would like to partition the above child tables based on the IDs that are inserted every 4 hours. Meaning, All IDs that are inserted in 4 hours window should be in a partition.

Please help me to implement partitioning for above tables.

Also, please feel free to propose if you folks have a better idea to partition above tables.
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Posted Saturday, July 5, 2014 2:23 PM



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Actually a duplicate post, please post answers here:

Lynn Pettis

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