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SQL Server Database Developer Role Dying? Expand / Collapse
Posted Thursday, June 19, 2014 1:02 PM


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OCTom (6/19/2014)
GilaMonster (6/19/2014)
david.tyler (6/18/2014)
My current employer is trying to convince our DB group SQL Server is a dying technology and open source is the way to go.

So what's his motivation here, I wonder...

"SQL Server is dying, therefore all of you have outdated skills, therefore I can justify smaller raises/bonuses"
"Damn, these licenses are expensive. I know, let's use free open source. If I scare the devs, they'll learn in in their free time and I won't have to pay for training"

Yes, I'm a cynic.

However, one of the responsibilities as a professional is to learn other technologies on your own. It does no good to wait for an employer to pay for you to learn something new. You need to get out and do it yourslef. It may make you more employable.

I am NOT saying that Gail is not employable! It's just the general idea of taking control of your own career.

My 2 cents;
With any responsibilities there must be equal power, if it is unilateral, it does not qualify. Far to many are drowning in day to day noise without the opportunity to progress. One can equally state that it is the responsibility of the employer to keep the employees up to date.
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Posted Monday, June 23, 2014 3:39 AM
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Someone once said 'Never put down to enemy action anything that can be adequately explained as incompetence'.

The statement 'SQL Server is dying, the future is open source' seems a bit short of logical reasoning. Even if the statement had been 'SQL Server is expensive, the future direction is to use MariaDB' there may (just) be a logical reason, but the statement still lacks rigour.

If your manager's main concern is to reduce costs, the strategy is likely to be effective. Those experienced people with good skills (and good domain knowledge) will find other jobs, and new people with lower level of skills (and no domain knowledge) attracted by the lower salaries on offer will replace them. The end result is unlikely to help the business.

My suggestion is to try to engage with your managers. Organise some meetings where the issues they see can be aired, and their suggestions for the future discussed. Any competent manager concerned to give a high quality service to the business should welcome this type of discussion.

If everybody in the team understands the problems and supports a solution that both deals with the problems and improves what can be delivered to the business, then people can continue to have pride and confidence in the work they are doing.

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